3D printed titanium alloy buckle to help China to win the first Austrian gold

- Feb 26, 2018-

3D printed titanium alloy buckle to help China to win the first Austrian gold

In Pacecchang's short track speed skating final, Chinese athlete Wu Dashen won the championship in the 500-meter short track speed skating competition and broke the world record to win the first Chinese medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. In addition to the athlete's talent and level, sports equipment is also an important factor affecting the performance of the race.

Winter Olympics.jpeg

Wu Dajing won the first gold for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in China

Chinese short track speed skating team using the short track speed finger finger buckle, it is China Hua Shu high-tech patent-owned metal 3D printing solutions tailored to the athletes.

In the playground, a small short track speed finger finger buckle can help athletes in the process of bending the ice to reduce ice friction. In the past competitions, the athlete's short track skating finger finger buckle basic use of resin or gum, Hua Shu Gaoke using metal 3D printing solutions, according to short track speed national team athletes each finger size, tailored 9 sets of titanium Alloy finger buckle.

3D printed titanium.jpeg

Short track speed finger finger buckle 3D printing to create

Compared with the traditional finger buckle, 3D printed titanium alloy finger buckle weight to reduce 40%, lighter and better to play the level; finger buckle surface roughness of 2 microns or less, lower friction resistance; tailor-made for each athlete, comfortable to wear , Fit fingertips.

Sports equipment has always been an important area of application of 3D printing technology, especially in the Olympic Games, the International League and other major events, sports equipment innovation often bring unexpected results, known as the "secret weapon." The 3D printing technology on the grinding of sports equipment, definitely worthy of the strength of the world's top athletes, and may be within the scope of the rules will be upgraded to a grade level, widely used.