At the beginning of 2018, the market of titanium products is confused and disorderly.

- Mar 21, 2018-

At the beginning of 2018, the market of titanium products is confused and disorderly.

In January 2018, the market of titanium products was confused and disorderly, and the whole titanium market was not easy.

The commercial life market of titanium, as early as the end of 2016, China non-ferrous metal newspaper in the "spring river" the titanium "prophet" has such a few words. As for the titanium market, you might as well use an Internet catchphrase to describe: "you believe, or don't believe me, I am there, never abandon." In 2016, in the titanium industry, in addition to the most-heard "titanium overcapacity, low-end surplus, high-end deficiency", the other word is that titanium's private market is really hard to do, and promotion is difficult.


Is titanium's civilian market really hard to do? This is an illusion. In 2016, it can be said that China's titanium products market is a big development era. It is not that the market of titanium is not good, but that the market of the people's products of titanium has mushroomed, and the competition is fierce. A few years ago only treasure titanium group, some companies and "titanium city" shaanxi baoji titanium with civilian goods companies, now, is in full blossom, domestic titanium civilian goods enterprise presents rising beyond state. Titanium Jin Fu titanium industry in Shanghai, zhejiang yongkang, life would be, guangdong, guangzhou zhongshan titanium and titanium industry, red phoenix in morning towards the city, jiangxi province longnan new titanium crystal, foshan metal clad metal products factory and so on civilian goods companies have spewing out, a lot of refined titanium civilian goods have quietly into the market.

At that time, when it came to the people's titanium enterprises, bo you made titanium and the extreme titanium industry was not quite famous. In 2017, the two titanium enterprises were the rising stars, and the latter came after the first time. In Shanghai in October 2017, titanium micro media Jin Fu titanium industry points into gold titanium conference brought together emperor st., shenzhen the lion on the metal titanium, titanium beauty science and technology, titanium wonderful dozens of titanium products such as enterprise, the original titanium product enterprise really like at the beginning of anticipation from the bud into the development period. Of course, the state of confusion and disorder.

Looking at the market of titanium products in January 2018, it is really confused and disorderly, and the whole titanium market is not easy. Jin Fu titanium industry has its own features, the acme of titanium industry titanium cup hot style, bloggers titanium marketing thinking active, zhongshan titanium will be one of the leading enterprises in titanium chopsticks, yongkang, jinyun, related enterprises have been involved in titanium, titanium metal to the old tree buds, some investors asking around to titanium product understanding technology, inquire about the titanium products where enterprise production plants and so on... It seems that the 2018 titanium enterprises want to be "rich" together, and the result is disorder, because confusion leads everyone to go hard. It is a bold prediction that in fact, the current situation of the development of the titanium enterprises has fallen into the quagmire of the sponge titanium sponge 10 years ago.

In January, a reporter in luoyang, henan province, saw a cup made of titanium by bo you, and in the office of a number of enterprises, such as shaanxi huagang special materials, saw the glass of the ultimate titanium industry. Is also in January, the reporter know, zhejiang, hunan and other places have investors looking to titanium keep-warm glass production, but the technology of materials a piece of confusion, this is very terrible, lane is bad to can become blind investment, dead loss the victim in the "game". Some titanium products between enterprises and marketing push on mutual integration and ambivalent, anyway, titanium products enterprises have been rendered mutually establish technical barriers, looked from the situation, but god a dark war battle has been than strength, technology, innovation, than quality, than the concept.

In January, titanium products from gifts to the commodities have across, whether bloggers system of titanium, titanium acme industry, emperor the metal, the lion on the titanium industry, or in the controversy first all the zhongshan titanium, titanium industry and playing their own brand. The packaging goes beautifully, titanium is refined, technology is lean - it's a good thing. The company that walks steadily, the new titanium product enterprise is jinfu titanium industry, the intelligent wear has the figure of titanium. The titanium-walking enterprise is danfeng chaoxi, which has titanium in its excellent products.

A year's plan is in spring. On February 4, spring begins, through January, titanium product enterprise is not in the recovery, but have mushroomed, old titanium products enterprises in desperately run, new titanium product companies trying to chase, titanium products enterprises in grasping the growth of the bud, catch the tide of titanium products enterprises in the glue to the best of my brain "theft" of technology "explore" the secret.

In January, the titanium market undertook the green shoots of 2016, and the development of 2017 began to enter the hot development state. But titanium enterprises should understand, titanium is clustered consumer groups, titanium product technology need to be improved, the design of titanium beautiful still have to work hard, promotion and application of titanium or "the revolution has not yet been successful, comrades still need effort". Of course, the titanium market in January has shown us that there must be an excellent company of titanium civil living products in the development road of confused, disorderly and even chaotic titanium products. Because, the competition is to shuffle the card, shuffle is the way that titanium enterprise healthy development is necessary.