Baoji High-tech Zone: Innovation Drive China Titanium Valley Fame

- Mar 15, 2018-

Baoji High-tech Zone: Innovation Drive China Titanium Valley Fame

Leading Speech: In the past year, Baoji Hi-tech Zone was a major breakthrough in industrial development. About 11 key projects such as Geely Engine, Taihua Logistics Park and Lugang High-end Auto Parts Industrial Park were put into operation. 51 industrial projects with an investment of over 100 million yuan were introduced, including 47 industrial projects and 4 projects worth more than 2 billion yuan.


The past year has been a major breakthrough in the industrial development of Baoji High-tech Zone. About 11 key projects such as Geely Engine, Taihua Logistics Park and Lugang High-end Auto Parts Industrial Park were put into operation. 51 industrial projects with an investment of over 100 million yuan were introduced, of which 47 were industrial projects and 4 were 2 billion yuan. The “Titanium Valley of China” brand went abroad, and 15 emerging industries such as drones, graphene, lasers, 3D printing, robotics, and Chinese medicine grew rapidly.

In the past year, it was a year when Baoji Hi-tech Zone's innovative elements converged. The park enterprises completed R&D investment of 3.5 billion yuan and applied for 136 provincial key production, research and research projects; introduced eight core R&D institutions with a total investment of 900 million yuan, one state-level crowd-building space, and three national incubators, adding “innovation and entrepreneurship”. The carrier area is 280,000 square meters.

The past year was a year of great progress in the construction of Baoji High-tech Zone Park. Investing more than 2 billion yuan, inciting private investment of 4.3 billion yuan, fully implementing the “Five Breakthroughs” project and 50 urban construction projects for the city's strong base, major ecological and cultural tourism projects such as the Taigong Lake Ecological Cultural District and Chencang Old Street have taken shape.



In 2017, it was a brilliant year for the rapid economic and social development of Baoji Hi-tech Zone, and it was also a year of rejuvenation after the construction of China’s titanium valley. The park is expected to achieve a total regional GDP of 78 billion yuan, an industry-scale value-added of 60 billion yuan, a total investment of 41 billion yuan in fixed assets in the whole society, 62 new projects with a storage capacity of more than 50 million yuan, and 18 industrial enterprises above designated size. Respectively completed 122% of the annual tasks and 300%; 28 new business enterprises above designated size, 1900 small and micro enterprises. In the comprehensive ranking of the National High-tech Zone in 2017, Baoji High-tech Zone advanced 4 places and jumped to 53 places. The individual ranking of knowledge creation and technological innovation jumped to 46, and it was at the forefront of innovation-driven development in Shaanxi Province.

Baoji Municipal Party Committee Secretary Xu Qifang emphasized that Baoji Hi-tech Zone, as the pioneering area for innovation and development of Baoji City and the frontier of reform and opening up, must plan and promote development with a larger pattern and at a higher level, and adopt openness and innovation to further attract and gather various kinds of high-quality resources. Inspire endogenous growth drivers, strive to create a city of innovation in the west, write a new era to catch up and go beyond a new chapter

For Baoji Hi-tech Zone, innovation-driven industrial transformation and upgrading is not only endogenous demand, but also the soul of development. Baoji High-tech Zone closely follows the goal of building a nation-wide innovative science and technology park, continuously accelerating the pace of catch-up, and strives to build important nodes and core hubs of the regional innovation system to enhance core competitiveness. Centering on the industrial chain, we will find a number of fulcrums to support enterprise innovation and strive to promote “Baoji Manufacturing” to “Baoji Zhizhi”.

The Baoji Hi-tech Zone, known as the "Chinese Titanium Valley," has gathered 60% of the country's titanium and titanium alloy manufacturing capabilities, and formed a series of companies such as Baoji Group and China National Nuclear Zirconium Company to collect scientific research, production, and processing. There are more than 530 companies involved in the titanium industry, trade, and distribution. The processing equipment, technology, and production capacity of titanium and titanium alloy materials are among the highest in the country. The 4,500-meter submerged titanium alloy manned ball cabin developed by Baozi Group has filled many gaps in the research field of domestic deep submersibles and titanium alloys. At the same time, Baoji Group has also become a major supplier of domestic commercial large aircraft C919 titanium.

However, the ever-changing development of the titanium industry in Baoji High-tech Zone has encountered difficulties in the industrial chain in recent years. The crux of the problem is largely due to the fact that park companies have been dominated by upstream industries, and there have been fewer downstream enterprises. A few years ago, once a businessman who was engaged in the production of medical devices in Beijing, was invited by friends to travel to Baoji. He was introduced to Baoji High-tech Zone titanium company, and he casually asked, “Is there any company that produces cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy? “These words were passed to the ears of investment cadres in Baoji High-tech Zone. After several searches, they finally found such a company in Baoji, and Baoji had a medical titanium production company. The two local supporting companies were able to process medical products for Beijing merchants. As for the equipment products, in just two months, the Beijing merchants will drop the factory into Baoji Hi-tech Zone.

“What do we have to offer to merchants, how can we achieve a win-win situation in Baoji Hi-tech Zone?” The investment attractors in Baoji Hi-tech Zone all have “this scale”. In addition to the titanium and titanium alloy industry, Baoji High-tech Zone is also focusing on extending the industrial chain in automobile and parts and components, oil drilling equipment, machine tools, high-speed railway equipment, military electronic information, and low-voltage power transmission and transformation. The rational allocation of industrial development will allow enterprises to grow from a single development to becoming a group that is now embracing and integrating development. The park's economic development will also have a breakthrough.

Nowadays, there are many high-tech zones in Baoji Hi-tech Zone. In 2017, 26 Shaanxi Province and Baoji City key projects with a total investment of 32.832 billion yuan were implemented. Geely's production and sales of the entire vehicle were booming, Geely 1.5T engine was built in volume production, Taihua Logistics Park, Lugang High-end Auto Parts Industrial Park, and automobiles. 11 key projects such as the incubator for parts and components, which will be put into production; the aerospace industry base, China Railway Baoqiao High Manganese Steel Frog, Fast Light Transmission and New Energy Transmission Project, Shigushan Central Cultural and Business District Chencang Street, etc. 8 One project was successfully implemented, and seven projects including the headquarters of small and micro enterprises in the high-end equipment industry park and the Taigong Lake Ecological Culture Zone were started. The relevant person in charge of Baoji Hi-tech Zone stated: “The introduction of these projects will further accelerate the pace of industrial cluster development in Baoji Hi-tech Zone, and will also provide strong driving force and more possibilities for the rapid transformation and upgrading of Baoji Hi-tech Industrial Zone. Beyond the advantage of late."

In addition to improving the industrial chain in attracting investment, Baoji High-tech Zone also pays attention to the coordinated development of the industry. On the one hand, it has made every effort to build the Baoji-Xi'an high-speed innovation channel, and has signed strategic cooperation agreements with the high-tech zones in Guanzhong, Xi'an, Yangling, Xianyang, and Weinan, and the Special Fund Framework Agreement for the Development of High-tech Zones. Baoji Zhizhi is leading and promotes collaborative innovation in the fields of automobile manufacturing, robotics, aerospace, high-voltage power transmission, non-ferrous metals, etc.; with Xianyang, Weinan and Yangling as nodes, it actively develops electronic information, Chinese medicine, 3D printing, and modern agricultural machinery. Collaborative innovation in other fields. On the other hand, park enterprises concentrate on “going out” and negotiate cooperation and collaborative innovation with domestic and foreign high-tech companies and key institutions. For example, Shaanxi Automobile Group and Geely Automobile jointly developed globally leading new-type automotive engines with leading international automobile manufacturing companies such as Germany and Sweden.

Through the implementation of the industrial clustering strategy, Baoji High-tech Zone titanium and titanium alloys, automobiles and parts of the two pillar industries quickly move to the 100 billion industrial cluster, and awakened the military-military integration industry. Baoji Hi-tech Zone has more than 40 military-industrial enterprises, involving aviation, aerospace, weapons, electronics, and other industrial categories, and has formed an industrial interaction pattern of "military technology derivative, civil technology back-feeding."