Baoji Titanium Industry Development Plan- through expert review

- Feb 08, 2018-

"Baoji Titanium Industry Development Plan" through expert review

Reporter Wang Shuai) Recently, the industrial city of Baoji, "1553 Action Plan" Titanium and titanium alloy industry expert review that "the titanium industry in Baoji City Development Plan (2018-2022)" in line with the national new material industry-related planning Development requirements, in line with the overall needs of industrial development in Baoji City, agreed to pass the review.

Titanium industry is an indispensable strategic emerging industries an important part of Shaanxi Province was listed as the priority of the eight pillar industries, but also the focus of the development of Baoji City, one of the five dominant industries. "Baoji Titanium Industry Development Plan (2018-2022)" is prepared by Baoji Branch of Northwest Institute of Industrial Technology. From the perspectives of consolidating the existing basic advantages, enhancing industrial innovation capacity and expanding product application areas, the paper expounds the current situation of Baoji Titanium Industry The development of the foundation and status quo, a clear definition of the overall requirements and goals of the development of titanium industry in Baoji, the main tasks of the titanium industry in Baoji and key tasks.

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