China's titanium valley

- Dec 22, 2017-

Due to the developedtitanium industry, Baoji, the city known as China Titanium Valley, accounts for more than 80% of its total titanium output and over 20% of world output.2345_image_file_copy_1.jpg

Baoji Hi-tech Zone has become one of the few metal processing, sales and R & D bases in the world where mainly titanium, coexistence of rare metals such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, zirconium, hafnium and so on. There are more than 400 scientific research, production, processing, trading and circulation enterprises in the base, which are dominated by Baoji Titanium Group. Over 50 of them are recognized as high-tech enterprises in the titanium field. In 2009, the titanium processing equipment of Baoji High-tech Zone ranks first in the country in terms of technical level and production capacity with a production capacity of about 60% of the national total. Its market share accounts for over 80% of the domestic titanium processing material market, accounting for more than 20% Bear the production of more than 90% of high-end titanium products in China. The detonation of China's first hydrogen bomb, the launching of the first nuclear submarine, the successful return of the first soft landing satellite, the successful launching of launch vehicles to the Pacific Ocean for the first time, the successful launch of the Shenzhou series of spacecraft and the flying moon project for the first time, The Group provides the key rare metal materials. In 2009, the total output value and sales revenue of titanium industry in Baoji High-tech Zone exceeded 12 billion yuan. [3]

China Titanium Valley - Baoji new material national high-tech industrial base, is the only Shaanxi, China is also the only.