Classification and characteristics of titanium frames

- Feb 20, 2019-

Classification and characteristics of titanium frames

Titanium itself is a chemical element, and titanium is also regarded as a precious metal material. Now it has been applied to all aspects of our life. Among them, titanium glasses are the closest to us. Since the distribution of titanium metal is relatively scattered and difficult to refine, this has become the most important reason for the high cost of titanium frames.

And according to the processing technology, refining methods and process application methods, titanium metal glasses are also divided into several different categories, including pure titanium glasses, β titanium, titanium alloy and other three main types, then they are three What kind of difference exists between the two? Here is a one-to-one introduction for everyone.

1, pure titanium, judging whether the frame material is pure titanium, the most convenient and most critical method is to look at its titanium purity, usually only when the titanium purity reached more than 99% of the titanium material can be Pure titanium glasses. The frame made of pure titanium material has the advantages of high melting point, light material, strong corrosion resistance and firm plating layer, which can ensure the two important performances of the eyeglass frame beautiful and durable.

2, beta titanium, the first thing to note is that beta titanium does not belong to titanium alloy, which can be understood as another molecular state of titanium. Although the purity of β-titanium cannot be compared with that of pure titanium, its properties such as strength, fatigue resistance and environmental corrosion resistance are better than those of pure titanium. Secondly, since the production process of β-titanium is higher than that of pure titanium, it is generally only produced by large factory brands, and the customer group that is usually faced is a customer with high requirements on the style and weight of the glasses frame.

3, titanium alloy, the definition of titanium alloy is relatively wide, in principle, as long as it contains titanium material can be called titanium alloy. Therefore, the quality and grade of titanium alloy frames are uneven, and the direct influence on the price of titanium glasses is the composition of titanium alloy, which is clearly marked in the introduction of the frame, so that the buyer knows what titanium and What alloys of materials, such as titanium-nickel alloys, titanium-aluminum-vanadium alloys, etc. One more thing to say about titanium alloys is that the use of titanium alloys for making glasses is not intended to reduce costs, but to improve the application properties of the materials. Currently, the memory frames on the market are made of titanium alloy.

Well, the introduction of pure titanium, beta titanium and titanium alloy will come to an end here. It can be seen that the difference between the three is not only the price, but more importantly, they each have unique crafts and Product performance.