Do you think titanium is rare? Then you are wrong

- Dec 13, 2017-

Titanium is a rare metal, in fact, titanium is not rare, its abundance in the earth's crust accounted for the seventh, accounting for 0.45%, much higher than many common metals. However, due to the active nature of titanium, high requirements on the smelting process, making long-term people can not get a lot of titanium, which is classified as "rare" metal. The main minerals used for smelting titanium ilmenite (FeTiO3), rutile (TiO2) and perovskite and so on. Ore treated to be volatile titanium tetrachloride, magnesium reduction and then obtained pure titanium.


 By the end of 1995, the reserves and reserves of rutile (including anatase) in the world were 33.3 million tons and 164.4 million tons, respectively. The total resources are about 230 million tons (TiO2 content), mainly concentrated in South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Australia. World reserves of ilmenite (TiO2) and reserves are 274.3 million tons and 435.3 million tons, respectively, with a total resource of about 1 billion tons. The majority of the deposits are concentrated in South Africa, Norway, Australia, Canada and India.
As of the end of 1996, China had a reserve of 357,040,900 tons of primary titanium (magnetic) iron ore (folded TiO2) (including 231,915,000 tons of A + B + C grade) and 380,319,000 tons of ilmenite ore (including A + B + 21,471,700 t for Class C); rutile mineral reserves of 2,568,600 t (including 773,700 t for A + B + C grade) and 7,086,600 t for rutile TiO2 (2,243,300 t for A + B + C grade).