Do you want to have titanium alloy teeth?

- Dec 21, 2017-

Titanium alloy porcelain teeth, the titanium alloy porcelain teeth produced by regular manufacturers are mainly composed of titanium, nickel and chromium. The combination of titanium and other metals is high, and it is also synthesized with other precious metals. General titanium content of more than 50%, the rest is nickel and chromium or other harmless metals with the human body. Titanium porcelain teeth with excellent biocompatibility.

There2345_image_file_copy_1.jpg are many informal manufacturers are also producing the so-called "titanium alloy porcelain teeth"
The titanium content is very low, the current dental use of "titanium alloy" titanium content of only 4 - 6%, mainly nickel, chromium, titanium content is almost negligible, this denture can not play titanium excellent Biocompatibility. Become the first choice for some black heart doctors. Do the real porcelain teeth to choose a good hospital or reputation prestigious clinics, generally more emphasis on their reputation doctors will not use this fake and shoddy products. Titanium porcelain teeth refers to the porcelain teeth between the precious metal porcelain teeth and nickel-chromium alloy porcelain teeth, such porcelain teeth from a strict sense, to ensure good human affinity.