Memory metal

- Dec 25, 2017-

Memory metal, also known as shape memory alloy.

In the 1970s, an alloy with "memory" shape function appeared in the world material science. Memory alloy is a rather special metal strip, it is very easy to be bent, we put it into the glass jar containing hot water, the metal strip rushed forward; put it in cold water, the metal strip is restored The original. In a glass jar filled with cold water, stretch a spring, the spring into the hot water, the spring and collapsed automatically. Spring water in the cold water to restore its original state, while in hot water, it will shrink, the spring can be an unlimited number of stretching and contraction, contraction and then opened. These are made of a memorized smart metal whose microstructure has two relatively stable states that at high temperatures can be transformed into any shape you want, alloys at lower temperatures It can be stretched, but if it is reheated, it remembers its original shape and changes back. This material is called memory metal. It is mainly nickel titanium alloy material.

Nitinol is a shape memory alloy, a special alloy that automatically restores its plastic deformation to its original shape at a specified temperature. Its telescopic rate of more than 20%, the fatigue life of 1 * 10 of the seventh power, damping characteristics than ordinary springs 10 times higher than its current corrosion resistance of the best medical stainless steel, so to meet all types of engineering and Medical application requirements, is a very good functional materials.
In addition to memory alloy shape memory function has a unique, but also has abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high damping and super elasticity and other excellent features.