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- Jan 23, 2018-

Titanium crystal

Chemical formula SiO2 TiO22386aa7c7f9496b5805cb3ca8921a3c4_bki-20140220232704-1129313154.jpg

Crystal tripartite system

Hardness 7

The proportion of 2.60

Refractive index 1.54-1.55

Origin of Baia state in northern Brazil

Titanium crystal crystal base is the main crystal or crystal, after the sun or light exposure, it is bright and beautiful. Titanium crystal was described as living in the pyramid tip of the crystal group, because the production of titanium crystal is rare, good quality, known as the most crystal.

Titanic crystal inclusions in a crystal. Hair crystal is a crystalline crystal containing hair, filamentous, acicular and other mineral crystals in the crystal, which can become crystal inclusions of many minerals such as tourmaline, actinolite, asbestos, rutile and the like. This crystal body due to wrap hair, acicular, flaky rutile crystals (such as photos of yellow minerals), so it is called "rutile hair crystal." At present, the crystal market, operators often golden or yellow hair and acicular rutile crystal known as the "golden hair crystal" or "yellow hair crystal", which is named after the color; as well as the golden flaky rutile crystal called "titanium crystal". The term "titanium crystal" is most likely introduced into the interior from Taiwan and Hong Kong. They are named after titanium (Ti), a chemical composition of rutile, and are therefore called "titanium crystal." This is a clear violation of the gem name designations - does not allow the composition of the mineral named. Therefore, we can not find the word "titanium crystal" in mineralogy and gemmology. So, what is rutile?