Sputtering target - the potential material king under the main trend 2

- May 31, 2019-

80% of the global target market is occupied by foreign companies

At present, the target market is almost monopolized by foreign companies. According to our understanding, the application of the highest end of the sputtering target is in the field of ultra-large-scale integrated circuit chip manufacturing. The industrial chain of the United States and Japan is complete, covering all aspects of metal purification, target manufacturing, sputtering coating and terminal application. Chemical production capacity, monopolization and blockade after mastering advanced technology, leading technological innovation and industrial development, currently leading companies such as Honeywell, Nippon Mining, Tosoh, Praxair, etc., in 2017 It accounts for almost 80% of the global target market in the year.Because of the good foundation of market pattern optimization, domestic enterprise technology breakthroughs and policy support, and the Sino-US trade friction as a catalyst, the localization replacement of targets has accelerated. It is understood that in recent years, thanks to the certainty trend of downstream markets such as semiconductors and flat panel displays shifting to the mainland, domestic target market demand is growing at a faster rate. In 2015, domestic target market demand accounted for nearly 25% of the global market share, but domestic enterprise market share. Less than 2%, there is a large contrast between supply and demand.


A good market for Chinese targets is coming soon

In recent years, the domestic panel and semiconductor industry has developed rapidly. Domestically, in the efforts of Jiangfeng Electronics and Ashishi, the target production technology and market have made breakthroughs, and domestic leading enterprises have entered the core customer industry chain.

And the localization of the target also reflects a certain national will. It is understood that there are a series of industrial policies to guide the healthy and stable development of the sputtering target industry, such as the National High Technology Research and Development Program ("863 Program"), the national science and technology major project "very large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and complete sets of technology" special project The fund (referred to as “02 special project”) and the strategic transformation industrialization project of the National Development and Reform Commission have targeted the research and development and industrialization of sputtering targets as key projects, and have fostered the development of the sputtering target industry from a national strategic level.

By the end of 2018, the import target will also end the tax-free period, which means that from 2019, Japanese and American targets need to pay 5-8% tariffs, which is good for the development of domestic target enterprises. Then contacted the recent Sino-US trade friction escalation, and at the end of March 2018, the 9 ministries jointly issued the "New Materials Standard Pilot Action Plan (2018-2020)" and once again mentioned the new materials in a high-profile manner, the target localization demand is facing Further catalysis.