Sputtering target - the potential material king under the main trend

- May 24, 2019-

Market trends in sputtering targets

In each era, some materials have followed the mainstream trend and become the leader in the industry. In the past, the foundation metal brought by real estate in 2014 has taken off. In the past two years, small metals such as lithium and cobalt led by new energy vehicles have risen. Under the current situation, The development of the chip industry as a high-tech commanding point has important strategic significance, and the unstable international situation such as the escalation of Sino-US trade wars is more like a powerful catalyst for sputtering targets that are essential raw materials for the manufacture of very large scale integrated circuits. Perhaps it will be the material representative of the rise of this mainstream trend.

What is a sputtering target?

In the chip industry, which is a high-tech high point, sputtering targets are essential raw materials for the manufacture of very large scale integrated circuits. Zhitong Finance APP learned that VLSI is an integrated circuit with more than 100,000 components integrated on one chip, or more than 10,000 gates. This technology can be used to integrate an electronic subsystem and even the entire electronic system. "On a chip, complete information collection, processing, storage and other functions.

What is repeatedly used in the manufacturing process of ultra-large-scale integrated circuits is the sputtering process belonging to physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology, which is also one of the main techniques for preparing electronic thin film materials.

The principle of the sputtering process is to utilize the ions generated by the ion source to accelerate the polymerization into a high-speed ion current in a vacuum to bombard the solid surface, and the kinetic energy exchange between the ions on the surface of the ion and the solid surface causes the atoms on the solid surface to leave the target and deposit on the substrate. The surface forms a nano/micro film.

The bombarded solid is the sputtering target, which is simply like a printing mold, and the quality of the target plays a crucial role in the performance of the film, directly determining the downstream semiconductor chip, flat panel display, solar cell. The quality and performance of electronic or optical components, so sputtering targets are a key raw material throughout the process.

Sputtering targets can be classified according to their chemical composition, geometry and application fields. Targets of different compositions (aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, nickel targets, etc.) can be obtained with different film systems (superhard, wear resistant, corrosion resistant). The alloy film, etc.; as defined by the application field, includes a recording medium target, a semiconductor target, a display film target, a superconducting target, and an optical target.

The target production process includes two processes of material purification and target preparation. During the purification process, it is necessary to ensure the reduction of impurity content in the target, and the preparation process needs to ensure the surface level of the target.

Since high-purity and ultra-high-purity metal materials are the basis for the production of high-purity sputtering targets, the preparation process is based on performance requirements, and then repeated plastic deformation, heat treatment, precise control of grain, crystal orientation and other indicators, After welding, machining, cleaning and drying, vacuum packaging and other processes, the high-end application of sputtering targets has a very high technical threshold.