TA2 welding process

- Mar 08, 2019-

TA2 welding process

Welding method

As has been analyzed before, the properties of titanium are very active. Welding methods such as ordinary manual arc welding are not suitable for the welding of titanium. The most applied method is tungsten argon arc welding.

Preparation before welding

The surface near the joint of the workpiece before welding, especially the butt end face, must be carefully cleaned mechanically and then scrubbed with acetone or alcohol. The same wire must also be degreased with acetone before use.

Welding materials

According to the chemical composition of the base metal, the purity of the argon gas should not be lower than 99.99%.

Welding process points

The welding heat input should not be too large to prevent the weld bead coarseness and the weld bead performance is degraded. During the welding process, the protective measures are strengthened. For the weld and heat affected zone at the rear of the molten pool above 400 °C, the hood is applied to the argon gas. Protection, the same measures should be applied to the back of the weld. The interlayer temperature is as low as possible. It is best to cool the previous layer of weld to below 70 °C and then weld a layer of weld to prevent overheating. The torch swing amplitude is as small as possible to prevent the molten pool from being detached from argon gas protection. Pay attention to the change of the color of the welded joint during the welding process. Generally, the welded joint should be silver-white after welding.