- Jan 08, 2018-

The composition of titanium alloy TC4 is Ti-6Al-4V, belonging to (a + b) type titanium alloy, and has good comprehensive mechanical and mechanical properties. Than the intensity. TC4 strength sb = 1.012MPa, density g = 4.4 * 103, specific strength sb / g = 23.5, and the specific strength of alloy steel sb / g less than 18. Titanium alloy low thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of titanium alloy is 1/5 of iron, 1/10 of aluminum, TC4 thermal conductivity l = 7.955W / m · K. Titanium alloy lower modulus of elasticity. TC4 elastic modulus E = 110GPa, about 1/2 of the steel, so prone to deformation of titanium alloy processing. TC4 (Ti-6Al-4V) and TA7 (Ti-5Al-2.5Sn) titanium alloys, two kinds of implantation schemes were used to modify the surface. The results show that the microhardness of titanium alloy increases remarkably after ion implantation The coefficient of sliding friction effectively enhanced the wear resistance.In order to prove its modification mechanism, the XPS analysis of the implanted and uninjected samples was carried out and satisfactory results were obtained.