The rise of China's titanium industry in nirvana.

- Mar 23, 2018-

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The rapid development of China's titanium industry has to be mentioned between 2005 and 2007. In the three years of titanium industry in China, a lot of money has been paid to the titanium, not to see the money but to see the titanium eyes open. Many don't know what titanium is the rich, who have no money into titanium, especially in baoji area is more prominent, as if overnight treasure titanium group surrounded by titanium processing plants, private, individual, the family cottage enterprises peak reached more than 700.

Why do you see titanium eyes open? In the first half of 2004, titanium and titanium processing enterprises also worries about the market downturn, didn't expect the second half of a sudden reversal of titanium and titanium processing product prices to rise, in the form of "running" titanium sponge soon from 50000 yuan per ton right right shot up to 200000 ~ 300000 yuan, titanium is more than 400000 yuan per ton. The trend of inflation has been stable for two or three years. Some investors who have come from other industries, like "leeches", have followed suit.

Recently, reporters learned that in some titanium made, sent some titanium mills, they are to win the first bucket of gold in crazy prices, achievement own titanium "change life" : in 2004, baoji teacher wang in zunyi titanium was 5000 yuan bought a 100 kg of titanium sponge and titanium industry from scratch, now assets of millions of yuan. Reporters teng xin and zhang, chairman of titanium industry, he is selling vegetables, listening to the titanium, riding the bicycle break ShouFei titanium, but now become a modern enterprise, annual sales income over one hundred million yuan; Baoji xinno zheng yongli chairman is also that several years to seek titanium road, now his products occupy the domestic nearly 50% of the medical use titanium market. Like this kind of individual, the private titanium industry see titanium eyes open to the future of titanium titanium enterprises many.

The legend is the "birth" of shuiwanji and yunnan's titanium industry. In those years, the titanium market was really priced out of the market, and the 72nd institute of China shipbuilding industry group was carrying a suitcase of cash to a certain enterprise to purchase sponge titanium, and the result was not bought. In the spirit, determined to build a sponge titanium plant and in 2005 to create a double - ray wanji titanium industry co. LTD. What did not come to mind is that the original "one gas" cast the construction of today's complete titanium industry chain development and production system, and the jiaolong has also used the titanium of double rewanji.

At that time, a titanium sponge factory found the titanium coils of kunming steel test. After several research and development experiments, the titanium roll was successfully rolled in kunming steel. When discussing the cooperation, the sponge titanium factory did not know how to withdraw automatically. Unintentionally inserted into willow trees, kunming steel therefore established yunnan titanium industry co., LTD., and the development momentum is fast. Starting in 2017, kunming steel has adopted the strategy of reducing steel into titanium, reducing the output of steel and expanding the titanium processing. At present, kunming steel has become the real steel titanium enterprises in China.

No titanium, see titanium eyes open. From 2005 to 2007, titanium mania was involved, and many investors were involved. In the heat, China's titanium industry was promoted as the speed of global production of titanium and consumer power.

Titanium is not used to give birth to titanium reshuffle.

Mount Qomolangma has a roof top, and there is an avalanche, which can affect survival and development.

In 2005 and 2007, the three-year titanium craze pushed the price of titanium products to the top of mount Everest and buried the avalanche of industrial development. Since 2008, the price of the titanium market has been falling down to the present day, and it is really the first time that the price has gone up. Today, the price of spongy titanium has gone from around 50,000 yuan to nearly 300,000 yuan, and from nearly 300,000 yuan to about 50,000 yuan now. The seemingly simple change in Numbers actually reflects the danger that titanium companies are on the roller coaster, and some companies with poor health have been thrown out.

At the beginning, baoji tianyi cottage industry, individual management, private enterprises and other large and small titanium processing enterprises more than 700, now there are more than 300. It is said that there are fewer truly healthy businesses. Keep good titanium industry is a comprehensive production and tenacious up production of enterprises, from keeping good titanium industry see the hardships and felt the titanium titanium enterprises the spirit of enterprise, with an unyielding and ashes.

At the time of titanium mania, domestic sponge titanium enterprises expanded from only zunyi titanium and fushun titanium to 23, and now only seven or eight companies are left to move forward in the "shuffling". China's first sponge titanium enterprise fushun titanium industry closed, the southwest titanium industry, tangshan tianhe and other spongy titanium enterprises because of funds, because of environmental protection no longer stand up. Recently, yunnan's new titanium industry has been discontinued because of losses. At present, at least two enterprises that continue to produce titanium sponge are going forward in the huge losses.

Notable is that the titanium feverish domestic there are two physical quite large and powerful companies followed titanium sponge factory invested heavily construction, the result is a lot of money into the "bamboo", titanium sponge production system construction through until rust didn't start the titanium sponge production line so far. It is relatively rational for the company to decide to abandon the construction of the project after the analysis of the 5,000-ton sponge titanium project.

Titanium is extremely bad, because of titanium injury. Blind investment must produce bad results. Under the halo of China as a big producer of titanium and consumer titanium, some titanium companies have become victims of the development of titanium industry.

Titanium "nirvana" promotes titanium technology.

In 2004, the titanium industry in China was in short supply. From 2005 to 2007, titanium production was seriously oversupplied due to the loss of control of titanium. Over the past 10 years, titanium enterprises have tasted the sour and bitter taste of survival and development, and realized that to survive first, they should wipe their tears dry and improve their competitiveness.

In the phoenix nirvana, one enterprise is reborn, one of the best enterprises to bring forth the new, one of the scientific research results hung on the branches. It is known that to survive in excess capacity, we must innovate independently in scientific research and technology, guarantee the quality of products and enhance the competitive power. In the field of sponge titanium, the rising stars of the company, shuiwanji, chaoyang jinda and baotianyi have won good reputation with technology and quality. In the field of titanium processing, it is important to catch up with the western superconductor, 725, qinghai polyenergy, and hunan jintian, etc., with their respective competitive advantages in the market. Titanium civil life products enterprise acme titanium industry, jinfu titanium industry, bo you titanium, zhongshan titanium will be connected with the market by different advantages.

In nirvana, the technological achievements have helped China's aerospace, aviation, navigation, C919, jiaolong, titanium alloy deep-diving equipment and other high-end fields have the presence of titanium. Titanium products have alleviated the pressure of excess capacity in the technological sublimation, and contributed to the healthy development and capacity of China's titanium industry.

And do and cherish. Everyone in the titanium frenzy can make money, and the key to gold's shine is in the adversity of titanium. In the process of non-polar titanium, the inferior enterprises are out of the sand, and the excellent enterprises rise in the sand mining. It is in the phoenix nirvana, the rebirth of the fire, the survival of the fittest market rules that helped the rise of China's titanium industry.