The 《Titanium Sponge National Standard》 revision seminar was held in Zunyi

- Mar 28, 2018-

The "Titanium Sponge National Standard" revision seminar was held in Zunyi


On January 25th, technical quality leaders from Ti titanium, Baosteel, Western Superconducting, Western Titanium and other domestic titanium industries gathered in Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, and participated in the rare standardization of the National Standardization Management Committee and the National Nonferrous Metals Committee. The organizer sponsored the "National Standard for Sponge Titanium" GB/T 2524-20XX revision seminar organized by Zunyi Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. Also attending the meeting were technical quality management personnel from major sponge titanium producers in China and from enterprises in Henan, Liaoning, Sichuan, Yunnan, and Guizhou. Zhang Jiangfeng, secretary general of the National Standardization Technical Committee for Non-ferrous Metals Standardization, attended the meeting and Guo Xiaoguang, chairman of Guizhou Zunzi Group, gave a welcome speech.

The old “National Standard for Sponge Titanium”—GB/T 2524-2010. With the advancement of science and technology and changes in the quality requirements of sponge titanium products between the supply and demand sides, the relevant provisions of the original standard can no longer meet the technical quality requirements for sponge titanium production and use. In order to improve and standardize the quality requirements of the market for titanium sponge, the National Standardization Management Committee and the Rare-Issue Standardization Committee of the National Nonferrous Metals Standardization Committee entrusted the domestic titanium sponge producer Zunyi Titanium Owners to draft and modify the National Standard for Sponge Titanium-GB/T. 2524. The "Titanium Sponge National Standard" revision seminar aims to tap the wisdom of domestic titanium industry and other major sponge titanium production and use of key enterprises, standing in a scientific, practical, and reasonable perspective, the relevant provisions of the original "National Standard for Sponge Titanium" The discussion, research and revision will be carried out so that the standard will keep pace with the requirements of science and technology, market, and supply and demand parties, making the "sponge titanium" national standard more applicable and perfect, and better satisfying the needs of domestic titanium industry enterprises in production, use, and scientific and other activities. The "National Standard for Sponge Titanium" is more scientific, authoritative and instructive in the industry.

The main contents of this revision discussion include: Adjusting the content of some impurity elements in each grade (brand number); Consolidating and modifying the grade 4 and grade 5 products (grades); Adding “others” to each grade (grade) Single element" content index; revised product particle size requirements; revised requirements for defective materials in products.

At the seminar, participants gathered practical experience in the production and use of all parties. They spoke enthusiastically from the perspective of science, practicality, and the interests of all parties. The debate on the details of the standards was fierce. Everyone hopes that the new national standard for sponge titanium will be more scientific and reasonable, and it will be in line with the market and be in tune with the customers, becoming a well-founded and well-crafted industry standard.

At the seminar, Zhang Jiangfeng made a concluding speech. He said that this revision of the National Standard for Sponge Titanium will fully listen to the opinions of enterprises and users. After the meeting, the National Non-ferrous Metals Standardization Technical Committee will collate, analyze, and adopt reasonable opinions on the revision of standards. It is believed that the revised National Standard for Sponge Titanium (GB/T 2524-20xx) discussed at this meeting will have more advantages in the industry. Scientific, authoritative and instructive, to better meet the actual needs of the majority of sponge titanium production and use units in China, and to promote the development of the titanium industry.