Titanium discovery

- Jan 20, 2018-

Titanium was discovered by British chemist Gregor R W (1762-1817) during the study of ilmenite and rutile in 1791. Four years later, in 1795, the German chemist Klaproth M H (1743-1817) discovered this element when analyzing Hungarian rutile. He advocates taking the name uranium (discovered in 1789 by Caratplot) by citing the Titanic name of the Titanic god clan in Greek mythology as titled "Titanium." Chinese according to their transliteration named titanium.


Titanium, which Gregory and Kraplot discovered at the time, was powdered titanium dioxide instead of titanium metal. Because titanium oxide is extremely stable, and titanium metal with oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and other direct intense combination, so it is difficult to prepare elemental titanium. It was not until 1910 that for the first time, the American chemist Hunter M A produced metallic titanium of 99.9% purity.