Titanium in the medical industry.

- Dec 11, 2017-

Titanium has a wide range of applications in the medical field. Titanium and human bones close to human tissue has good biocompatibility, non-toxic side effects. Human implants are special functional materials that are closely related to human life and health. Compared with other metal materials, the advantages of using titanium and titanium alloys are the following: 1 light weight; 2 low modulus of elasticity; 3 non-magnetic; 4 non-toxic; 5 corrosion resistance; 6 high strength, good toughness. The amount of titanium alloy used in surgical implants is increasing at a rate of 5% to 7% 2345_image_file_copy_1.jpgper year. The use of titanium and titanium alloy manufacturing femoral head, hip, humerus, skull, knee, elbow, shoulder joint, metacarpophalangeal joint, jaw and heart cardiography, renal membrane, vasodilator, splint, prosthesis, Fastening screws and other hundreds of metal parts transplanted to the human body, and achieved good results, the medical community has been given a high rating.