Titanium market week review

- Jun 20, 2019-

Titanium market week review

The trend of the titanium market this week is relatively stable. Among them, since the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the price of Panzhihua titanium ore was temporarily stable, the price of 20# titanium ore has been maintained at 1120-1140 yuan / ton; 10# titanium ore maintained at 1230 yuan / ton. As the market demand for downstream titanium dioxide weakens, the market pressure in the later stages of the mining will increase. According to local traders, the future price of 20# titanium ore is further down; the main 10# mine producer also said that it has received feedback from downstream users, hoping to properly lower the price of 10# mine, and the mine also Whether to cut prices according to market conditions will be considered. Overall, the Panzhihua titanium mine will remain in the downtrend channel in the future.

The import mine market has performed steadily and prices have not changed. At present, the price of Vietnam A mine is above 1,750 yuan / ton, and the price of low P/S ore is around 1,550 yuan / ton. The rutile market is performing strongly. This week, Yibin Tianyuan began to purchase 90 rutiles on a large scale, which will make the rutile market once again enter the boom zone.

This week, the titanium slag market was temporarily stable. After the high slag price was raised at the beginning of the month and the acid slag price fell behind, the price of titanium slag remained unchanged this week. The high slag price was 5860 yuan/ton and the acid slag price was 3850-4000 yuan/ton. between. The price of titanium tetrachloride is stable at between 7,950 and 8,500 yuan / ton, and the lack of capacity still makes its price high. After last week's Shuangrui Wanji and Pangang Titanium raised the price of titanium sponge, other companies still maintained their prices unchanged this week, but the signing price rose to the upper limit of the quote range.

This week, the titanium dioxide market is still tepid, and the downstream demand is light, leading to continued low market prices. In order to maintain capital turnover, the price of rutile products was lowered to 15,000 yuan / ton; the price of anatase titanium dioxide also fell to 13,000 yuan / ton. Market participants generally believe that downstream demand is at a low level, and manufacturers' sales pressure is still relatively high. As the inventory of some of the company's products rises, it is not ruled out that these companies are forced to cut production.