Titanium metal frames

- Dec 14, 2017-

Titanium frame lightweight and comfortable glasses, the material is the lightest glasses material, hardness is good, the frame is not easy to deformation, corrosion-resistant, rust-free, does not cause skin allergies, more durable.

Pure titanium, titanium purity refers to more than 89% of titanium metal materials, high melting point, light materials, corrosion resistance, strong plating. Titanium has a special current characteristics, can lead to fluctuations in the electrons generated ions, the current tend to ionization, and positive and negative ions can quickly adjust the electromagnetic waves caused by the biological current chaos caused by the adverse effects on the human body have a beneficial physiological role.2345_image_file_copy_1.jpgThe disadvantage is that the material is soft, can not be made of glasses frame more delicate, only the lines are relatively thick, in order to ensure the stability and strength of the frame.

All kinds of titanium frames in the early 90s have already matured in foreign countries and began mass production, before 1998, titanium frames have occupied more than 60% of the Japanese market. Titanium frames belong to the high-end consumer goods, in recent years as our people's living standards improve, the domestic demand for titanium frames rapidly expanding, there are also many domestic manufacturers of titanium frames, but the raw materials are still All rely on Japan's imports. Titanium made by the domestic self-produced glasses with very few manufacturers of glasses, glasses frame with beta titanium alloy wire production in China is also in the just-developed stage.