Titanium plastic processing technology

- Jan 26, 2018-

Titanium plastic processing technology


Titaniumplastic processing industry is a high energy-consuming industries, hot rolling, annealing and heat treatment operations require higher energy consumption. Reduce the energy consumption of titanium processing, help reduce costs and save energy. Titanium industry to solve the problem of excessive energy consumption is mainly rely on scientific and technological progress, improve technology, the development of efficient energy-saving technology, the development of automated control technology, the development of titanium processing energy-saving technologies. Titanium plastic processing technology to achieve large-scale and continuous production, mechanization and automation of the production process, the operation of various processes using computer control to improve labor productivity. Large-scale forging of large titanium alloy forgings abroad using 45kt or 75kt hydraulic press.

Titanium and titanium alloy plastic deformation with large deformation resistance, poor plasticity at room temperature, yield and ultimate strength limit ratio, rebound, sensitive to the gap, the deformation process is easy and mold bonding, heating and easy adsorption of harmful gases and so on. Titanium plastic processing than titanium, copper is difficult. Titanium and titanium alloy processing technology must consider these characteristics. Titanium and titanium alloy plastic processing, processing size is not limited, but also to mass production. Plastic processing is the dominant method of titanium processing, most titanium products are produced by this method.

At present, the traditional methods of titanium processing are plastic processing, casting and powder metallurgy three methods. Titanium plastic processing technology is sponge titanium casting into ingots, and then processed into titanium. Plastic processing methods include forging, rolling, extrusion, drawing, stamping, spinning and so on. Through these plastic processing methods, titanium ingots can be processed into various shapes and sizes of plates, strips, strips, foils, tubes, rods, Type, line, forgings and stampings and other products.