Titanium plate types and applications

- Jun 22, 2018-

Titanium plate types and applications

Want to make the home space look luxurious and texture, it does not have to use explicit and exaggerated material to create. Titanium plate is often seen in department stores or boutique counters, elevators, carriages, automatic doors, or escalators. It can be different due to its different substrate surfaces (hair, mirror, chaos, fog beads). Feeling, more and more designers have recently been boldly used in home space!


The use of titanium plating on industrial buildings was very early and titanium nitride (tin) was processed on the material by means of physical vacuum ion plating. The most common is to plate on stainless steel. Of course, it can also be plated on hard substrates. , such as tiles or aluminum, copper and so on. With the advantages of anti-oxidation, abrasion resistance and no fading, it is suitable for use in a relatively humid environment, such as kitchen or bathroom. Compared to chemically plated plates, the service life is longer because the entire production process is based on physical principles and is harmless and zero-pollution to the human body. It is also called environmental protection titanium plating.

There are many kinds of titanium plate, such as titanium-coated wool wire panel, titanium-coated mirror plate, titanium-coated chaotic plate and titanium-coated fog bead plate. Under the ingenuity of designers, different surface materials can present different spaces. Performance, in use, can also bring out the fun of falling lines, geometric modeling. At present, titanium plated materials are often used in indoor public spaces such as restaurants, living rooms or entrances. However, if allowed on a budget, it can also be used in locker rooms or bedrooms, or on the desktop. The use of titanium plated mirror panel, its reflective effect is good, can make the visual space become avant-garde. If titanium-coated mirror panels are used in large areas, the space can be easily reflected to create a double-spaced visual illusion. The misted feeling of the titanium-coated wool board or the mist board matches the warm wood, and it can have both "cold" and "warm" feelings. Even if used in sash frames or saps, the separation of single lines and other building materials makes the home concise. Want to create a luxurious texture, using gold-plated titanium plate is a large device and gorgeous coexist. However, due to the special production process of titanium plating, the price is slightly higher than other materials. In addition, the trend affects design changes. In addition to different panel styles, after the panel has undergone vacuum physical plating (pvd), the titanium plate has a new appearance. From silver, copper, gray, black, champagne gold, even rose gold, let the cold feeling become lively and colorful, creating rich visual enjoyment. Regardless of the basic style or color titanium plate, you can create a dream of tide space.