Titanium screw how to choose the material of the screw

- Nov 10, 2018-

Titanium screw how to choose the material of the screw

So when we customize, how  to choose the material of the screw? In fact, titanium alloy is created  to meet the different needs of the industry. Because  all the screws in the world use different environments, the positions  used on the machine parts are different. The hardness, flexibility,  thermal conductivity and wear resistance required by the machine are  different.

Therefore,  when customizing the production of screw fasteners for customers, it  will be asked what kind of performance the user uses. What kind of  performance is required? If hardness is required, it is recommended to  use titanium-cobalt alloy. Titanium-cobalt alloy is generally used for  manufacturing. Cutting tool.

When  selecting the material for the screw, it must be understood that when  the hardness of the screw is high, the screw is easily broken. If  you need to customize the hard-wearing and hard-wearing screw  fasteners, then the World Copper screw is recommended to use  titanium-copper alloy.

Because  copper is one of the wear-resistant metals, if titanium screws are more  durable and more flexible and flexible, titanium should be added  because titanium has hardness, oxidation resistance, corrosion  resistance, and coldness. There are many advantages such as slow heat conduction, and of course the price is not cheap.

If  it is necessary to take into account the cold and heat conduction slow,  light weight, good flexibility, strong drawing resistance, oxidation  resistance, corrosion resistance, titanium titanium screw is undoubtedly  the first choice. If it is a general screw fastener, choose cheap  copper iron stainless steel and other materials. However, if it is a special environment, the screw fastener must be required to have certain alloy characteristics.