Titanium skeleton

- Dec 15, 2017-

The use of titanium in surgical surgery is worth mentioning. Titanium has "biological" sex. In the body, can resist the secretion of corrosion and non-toxic, to adapt to any sterilization method. It is therefore widely used in the manufacture of medical devices such as medical devices and artificial bones.



Titanium bone

Prior to titanium, stainless steel bones were commonly used. However, there is a disadvantage of using stainless steel, that is, after the healing of bone, it is necessary to take out the stainless steel, which is a very painful thing. Otherwise, stainless steel will be harmful to the human body due to rust. If the use of titanium made of "artificial bone" will make the orthopedic technology completely changed. In the place of bone damage, with titanium and titanium screws, after a few months, the bones will regrow in the holes and screws in the titanium, the new muscle fibers wrapped in titanium foil, titanium bone like a real The same bone and flesh and blood, play a supporting and reinforcing role.


Titanium patella claw

Commonly used in orthopedic patella claw is made of titanium, in the refrigerator at low temperatures, it can be bent into any shape, surgery, the claws apart, placed in patients with broken patella, body temperature to be patella claw temperature rise Up, it will firmly grasp the patella, into a preset shape.


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