Titanium smelting

- Dec 18, 2017-

Consumable electrode melting furnace (VAR), also known as vacuum consumable electrode arc melting, is in a vacuum environment, induction melting furnace production consumable electrodes heated by controlled AC arc melting. At present, the basic method for producing titanium and titanium alloy ingot is still vacuum arc consumable arc melting.


At present, the basic method of producing titanium and titanium alloy ingot is still vacuum VAR arc melting.VAR furnace consists of vacuum system, electrode driven mechanical system, copper crucible and cooling cycle system, DC power supply, automatic and manual control system, stable arc stirring system, monitoring and automatic recording system.
Melting, under vacuum, the use of electrodes and crucibles arc discharge between the high-temperature heat source, the electrode melting. The electrode is made of a metal material to be melted, and the consumable electrode is continuously melted in the smelting process. At the same time, the ingot continuously solidifies and rises in the mold from bottom to top.
The basic process of VAR melting process is: mixing → pressing electrode → electrode and residue welding into consumable electrode → melting → ingot processing → testing.