Titanium sponge

- Dec 19, 2017-

Sponge titanium refers to the use of magnesium or sodium reduction of titanium tetrachloride to obtain a purity of 98.5% -99.7% spongy titanium metal. Titanium is the most important raw material in industrial production. Titanium sponge is a primary product in the entire titanium metal production. It needs to be further cast to obtain titanium ingots, namely industrial pure titanium, which can then be processed into the corresponding titanium or titanium alloy.


Preparation of sponge titanium: At present, the industry mainly Magnesium thermal reduction (Kroll) method, sodium thermal reduction (Hunter method) and molten salt electrolysis. Magnesium reduction method has the advantage of reducing magnesium can be recycled, a single furnace capacity. In contrast, sodium pyrogen reduction product quality is better, low levels of metal impurities, but a single furnace production capacity, sodium consumption. The molten salt electrolysis is still in the semi-industrial test phase.