Titanium steel composite board

- Jan 18, 2018-

Titanium steel composite panels began in 1962. The method of production at the time was called a "blast compound method," a method of joining by explosive explosions. In 1986 developed a hot rolling method, plate rolling method. 1990 also developed a continuous hot-rolled coil production method, mainly refers to the production of sheet metal.


Titanium is widely used as a variety of chemical reaction vessels and heat exchangermaterials because of its excellent corrosion resistance, but its disadvantage is its high cost. This problem is particularly noticeable when used as a structural component, and an effective solution is to use titanium steel clad plates. Titanium and ordinary steel composite called titanium steel composite material, both the corrosion resistance of titanium, there are ordinary steel as the strength of the structure, it is important that the cost has dropped significantly.

The general method of manufacturing composite steel plate: filler metal ingot rolling method, explosive compound method, rolling crimping method, surfacing method. Taking into account the characteristics of titanium, the industry often used explosion compound method or rolling crimping method, and the actual production methods include ① explosion compound method, including rolling and pressure welding method ② plate rolling ③ and continuous hot rolling law. Explosion compound method is usually carried out at room temperature, rolling crimping method is to plate assembly, heating and rolling.