Vacuum material zirconium

- Feb 26, 2019-


Zirconium is also widely used in the vacuum industry. It can be used to make beautiful golden yellow. The industry has zirconium and titanium. It is also made of zirconium or titanium. Some people think that zirconium is closer to real gold. Hue, today I will talk about zirconium.

Zirconium readily absorbs hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen; zirconium has a strong affinity for oxygen, and its solubility in zirconium at 1000 °C can significantly increase its volume. The surface of zirconium is easy to form an oxide film with a luster, so the appearance is similar to steel. It is corrosion resistant but soluble in hydrofluoric acid and aqua regia. At high temperatures, it reacts with non-metallic elements and many metal elements to form a solid solution. Zirconium has good plasticity and is easy to process into sheets and wires. Zirconium can absorb a large amount of gases such as oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen when heated, and can be used as a hydrogen storage material. Zirconium has better corrosion resistance than titanium and is close to tantalum and niobium. Zirconium and strontium are two metals that are chemically similar and symbiotic together and contain radioactive materials.

Zirconium alloys produced on an industrial scale are of the zirconium-tin and zirconium-based systems. The former alloy grades are Zr-2 and Zr-4, and the latter is typically Zr-2.5Nb. In the zirca-tin alloy, the alloying elements tin, iron, chromium, and nickel improve the strength, corrosion resistance, and thermal conductivity of the corrosion-resistant film, and reduce the sensitivity of the surface state to corrosion. Usually Zr-2 alloy is used for boiling water reactor and Zr-4 alloy is used for pressurized water reactor. In the zirconium-lanthanum alloy, when the amount of niobium added reaches the solid solution limit of the crystal structure of zirconium at the use temperature, the corrosion resistance of the alloy is the best. The zirconium alloy has a homomorphic transformation, the crystal structure at high temperature is body-centered cubic, and the dense-packed hexagonal at low temperature. The zirconium alloy has good plasticity and can be made into pipes, plates, rods and wires by plastic processing; its weldability is also good, and it can be used for welding processing.