What is the density of titanium screws? How to deal with the phenomenon of sliding wire?

- Jan 08, 2019-

What is the density of titanium screws? How to deal with the phenomenon of sliding wire?

In recent years, China's titanium industry development trend is very fierce, has become a big country in the development of titanium production. The output of titanium alloy screw products in China has shown an increasing trend year by year, and titanium alloy screw materials have also been widely used in machinery, electronic equipment, communication equipment, hardware lighting, building bridges and other industries, and gradually entered the civilian field. Goods usually made of materials are almost exclusively used to make use of the low density of titanium screws, usually in combination with density requirements and weight requirements.

Titanium alloy screws are not high-strength materials. They are high in specific strength. The density of titanium alloy screws is about 50% to 60% of that of 45 steel, but the strength is equivalent. Titanium alloy screws have high heat resistance and low temperature resistance, and titanium has good resistance to salt, seawater and nitric acid corrosion. It is a well-deserved space and marine metal.

      Regarding the phenomenon of titanium screw sliding wire, we sometimes encounter the situation of titanium alloy screw overflow buckle, also called sliding wire. The common thread on the bicycle is the threaded hole of the aluminum piece such as the handle, the crank and the seat rod clamp, and the titanium screw. And the pedal axis is generally fine. The perfect repair method is the titanium screw sleeve under the tapping tapping. However, this process has high trouble and high cost. In some places, the size is not rich and the hole cannot be reamed.

      The method of making up is to wrap the knives, the raw material tape, the thread glue or 502, but the result is that the thread is not working hard and is useless. Now introduce a simple repair method, small tape measure, easy to pull buckle and the like that are useless at home, as long as it can be retracted inside, there must be a coil spring, and the coil spring is removed before throwing.

      If you encounter the titanium screw thread overflow buckle, cut a small coil spring to fold the head, put it into the screw hole of the overflow buckle, screw the titanium alloy screw directly into it, basically can restore the original aluminum screw hole twist Tight torque, and can be repeatedly disassembled, the reed will not fall out. When screwing, you can select different width and coil springs according to the size of the titanium alloy screw holes, or put two coil springs into the titanium alloy screw holes.