2017 Baoji Private Titanium Enterprise Production And Operation Report

- Oct 13, 2018-

2017 Baoji private titanium enterprise production and operation report

Titanium looks like steel, has a silver-gray sheen, is a transition metal that has been considered a rare metal for some time. Titanium is not a rare metal. Titanium accounts for about 0.42% of the total weight in the earth's crust, which is 16 times the total amount of copper, nickel, lead and zinc. Ranked seventh in the metal world, with more than 70 minerals containing titanium. Titanium has high strength, low density, high hardness, high melting point and strong corrosion resistance; high-purity titanium has good plasticity, but becomes brittle and hard when impurities are present.

In the first half of this year, in order to fully understand the development of Baoji Titanium Industry, accurately grasp the current situation of production, sales, equipment, talents, resources and market, analyze the existing difficulties and problems, and take effective and effective solutions. In the first half of the year, Baoji Titanium Industry Research Institute organized staff to actively carry out research and understanding on the development status of titanium industry in Baoji area. He visited more than 50 backbone titanium enterprises, conducted comprehensive, meticulous and in-depth research and understanding of the major titanium industrial enterprises in Baoji, and grasped the basic situation of Baoji private titanium enterprises' production and management, and analyzed the development status of titanium industry. Through the preliminary analysis of the research and the data, we have a basic understanding of the development of the titanium industry in Baoji area, economic operation and market conditions in recent years, and provide support for the development of the Baoji Titanium Industry Group, industrial planning, and mutual cooperation between enterprises. Basic information. Through the analysis of the production data of 42 companies, the 2017 Baoji private titanium enterprise produced a total output of 43,000 tons of titanium and related materials (including 2,250 tons of titanium and 21,000 tons of composite materials), with an output value of 8.5 billion yuan. , a certain increase from the previous year.

In 2017, Baoji private titanium enterprise plate production mainly sells products of major domestic enterprises, and the brands sold include: Yunti, Changgang, etc., and independently produce small-size titanium alloy plates. In 2017, the demand for titanium alloy sheets for the electronics industry surged, bringing a new market for Baoji private enterprise sheet rolling. Other rods, tubes, wires and other materials were basically the same as last year, and the production of titanium powder has declined, especially the production of titanium spherical powder has dropped significantly.

In 2017, benefiting from environmental protection, chemical and other factors, Baoji's titanium equipment production has increased significantly, and the annual output value has increased by 27% compared with last year. Titanium equipment has become a hot spot for titanium industry output value and profit growth. In 21017, the overall trend of the titanium market in the first half of the year was first rise and then fall. In the third and fourth months of the year, the demand for titanium products rose. The price of titanium products rose from the summer of May to the low season of traditional consumption. Decrease, the price of titanium ore was significantly reduced, the price of ferrotitanium fell slightly, and the price of titanium sponge remained firm until June, and then began to fall.

In 2017, the prices of many titanium products have shown a high level of weakness. With the tightening of national environmental inspections, the operating rate of titanium products continues to be limited. In the case of a small supply of titanium products, market prices have rebounded. Overall, with the recovery of downstream market demand, the titanium market is running well, the price of materials has rebounded slightly, and prices have been relatively stable.

Future prospects, in recent years, benefiting from the rapid development of China's overall economy, titanium consumption continues to hit new highs. As early as 2012, China's titanium consumption exceeded 50,000 tons to reach an all-time high. Unlike overseas titanium consumption, which is mainly concentrated in the aviation industry, China's titanium consumption is mainly concentrated in the civil industry such as chemical industry and electric power. As downstream consumption is dominated by strong cycle industries, due to the downward pressure of macroeconomics in the past two years, titanium consumption has declined, but the overall consumption trend of titanium is still rising. It is predicted that the market size of China's titanium industry will reach about 27.55 billion yuan in 2019.

Looking into the future, with the “13th Five-Year Plan” to be implemented by the state, the State Council will promote the implementation of the strategy of manufacturing and strengthening the country, China Manufacturing 2025, “One Belt and One Road” construction, and the gradual implementation of these national-level major development strategies, domestic titanium production enterprises will usher in A very important period of transformation and development opportunities will also usher in new challenges like never before. The domestic large aircraft industry entered the golden period of development. The first domestic jet aircraft ARJ21-700 passed the airworthiness certification of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, obtained the type certificate, and possessed the qualification of the route operation. It has already obtained 278 orders; the domestic C919 passenger plane The project is also progressing smoothly and has received 507 aircraft orders. China's aerospace, marine engineering, nuclear power, biomedical, 3D printing and other fields have become the focus of the implementation of national development strategies, and the rigid demand for titanium materials in these industries will inevitably lead to new technologies, new materials and new materials for titanium processing materials. The process puts forward new requirements, and the national development strategy needs material innovation achievements, which has become the historical mission of the domestic titanium processing enterprises.

In the future, Baoji private titanium enterprises need to actively explore the direction and trend of the future development of the titanium industry under the new normal of economic development, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the titanium industry and breakthrough development. Private titanium processing enterprises only have to continuously increase investment in technological progress, actively carry out research and development of new technologies, new products and new applications, and continuously promote the industrial structure innovation and upgrading of the titanium industry, and there will be a future.