2017 Panzhihua Titanium Industry Has A New High

- Nov 09, 2018-

2017 Panzhihua titanium industry has a new high

According to the  survey and statistics of Panzhihua City Vanadium and Titanium Industry  Association, the output of titanium products in Panzhihua City increased  sharply in 2017, and the output of titanium concentrate, titanium  dioxide and titanium sponge reached a record high. The production  capacity and output of titanium concentrate and vanadium products still  existed. The country's first: (1) titanium  concentrate production capacity of about 3.72 million tons, the expected  output of 2,601,700 tons, an increase of 211,000 tons, an increase of  8.83% (2) titanium slag capacity of 602,000 tons, accounting for about  30% of domestic titanium slag capacity About 6%,  the estimated output is 269,700 tons, an increase of 117,380 tons, an  increase of 78.23% (3) titanium dioxide production capacity of 655,200  tons, accounting for about 25% of the country's total capacity, the  estimated output of 467,785 tons, an increase of 119,568 tons, an  increase 31.68% (4) The actual production capacity  of titanium sponge is 15,000 tons, and the estimated output is 15,700  tons, an increase of 0.15 million tons, an increase of 10.56%.