A Group Of High Purity Titanium Targets Produced For Japanese Friends

- Apr 17, 2018-

A group of high purity titanium targets produced for Japanese friends

Main type: multi-arc target, round target

Material grade: Ti

Purity: 2N8-4N

Density: 4.51g/cm3

Reference specifications (can be processed according to customer requirements): Φ100×40, Φ100×32, Φ63×32, Φ149×23

This target is suitable for the industry: vacuum coating industry, glass industry, spectrum industry, solar energy industry, hardware industry.

Product quality: The products are inspected by Baosteel Titanium Group Physical and Chemical Experiment Center / Northwest Institute of Nonferrous Metals, etc.

Packaging: wooden box or according to customer needs.

The above is a detailed reference information of the product. If you have any questions about the wholesale, price, manufacturer, model, parameter, picture of the product, please contact us for the latest information. My company has long-term processing experience, perfect processing equipment, reasonable prices, we look forward to your call or E mail.