Adjusting The Industrial Structure, Promoting The Rapid Development Of The Titanium Industry

- May 07, 2019-

Adjusting the industrial structure, promoting the rapid development of the titanium industry

From April 24th to 28th, the "2019 China Titanium Annual Meeting and Titanium Industry Summit Forum, China Titanium Valley International Titanium Industry Expo" with the theme of "Innovation, Openness, Integration and Promotion of High-Quality Development of Titanium Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "" Titanium Fair was held in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province.

As the representative of the Bao Ti Group, Lei Rang-soo, as a representative of the conference, said in an interview with the media during the live broadcast of the Titanium Expo: "After years of long-term efforts, the development of Baoji Titanium Industry has formed a complete cluster from high-end to terminal."

Status: The level of development of the sunrise industry is getting higher and higher

Baoji is known as the China Titanium Valley because of its developed titanium industry. It is known as the "cradle and banner of China's titanium industry." Its titanium and titanium products account for 60% of the country's total, accounting for 20% of the world's total. The titanium industry ranks second in the world and the first in the country.

When talking about the status quo of the development of Baoji Titanium Industry in recent years, Lei Rang said: "The development of Baoji Titanium Industry has decreased from more than 400, or even more than 500, to the number of manufacturers that may be producing normally. But the overall level of these companies is getting higher and higher."