Baoji 2018 Will Hold China Titanium Valley Promotion And Laser And Titanium Industry Cooperation BBS!

- Mar 21, 2018-

Baoji 2018 will hold China titanium valley promotion 

and laser and titanium industry cooperation BBS!

Valley of baoji titanium titanium industry in 2017, the strategic research institute and civil-military integration industry union baoji non-ferrous metal research institute of northwest branch, special flight institute was founded, baoji high-tech zone to enter the national high-tech zone "in the first camp", investment and financing innovation smoothly, introduce new financial institutions, four giant into titanium industry successfully, such as "new three board". The pace of opening to the outside world has been accelerated, and four bases, such as titanium products and machine tools, have been listed in the province's characteristic export bases.


Baoji will expand special advantage industries in 2018, titanium and new material industry cluster construction, to play a role of titanium industry alliance actively, focus on breakthroughs in titanium processing, material manufacturing core key technologies, such as pay special attention to the new material public testing services platform, qinghai shaped titanium industry new material recycling, high-tech zone projects such as nuclear grade zirconium, support treasure titanium old equipment modification and production line, continue to do a good job in baoji titanium valley of China seminar and laser and titanium industry cooperation BBS, promote titanium products to high-end, into life.

Build petroleum equipment, titanium and other 10 provincial foreign trade export demonstration bases, set "changan" and so on six transit freight train "lift", efforts to expand foreign trade export, continuously upgrade the building materials, textile, non-ferrous metallurgical three traditional industries, to speed up the old and the new kinetic energy conversion, form new economic growth point, intensify institutional reform, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, promote treasure titanium "1 + N" reform model.