Baoji Two Private Titanium Enterprises Import And Export Value Of More Than 50 Million Yuan

- Mar 02, 2019-

Baoji two private titanium enterprises import and export value of more than 50 million yuan

Since 2018, Baoji City of Shaanxi Province has continuously expanded the import and export of foreign trade through the implementation of four major projects of “leading enterprise cultivation, SME incubation, export base creation, and international market development”, contributing to Baoji’s export-oriented economic development and international urban construction. The power that should be. In 2018, the city's total import and export value of foreign trade was 6.343 billion yuan, achieving positive growth and completing the annual target.

In 2018, the target tasks were fully completed on schedule. There are 10 enterprises with an import and export value of more than 100 million yuan, and the total import and export value is 4.338 billion yuan, accounting for 68.4% of the city's total. 12 private enterprises with an import and export value of more than 50 million yuan, such as Yongshengtai Titanium and Ruixi Titanium, achieved a total import and export value of 3.599 billion yuan, accounting for 56.7% of the city's total, effectively offsetting the gap in the decline of state-owned enterprises.

In addition, Baoji City has continuously improved the level of cross-border trade facilitation, creating a good business environment for enterprises to expand import and export; the business sector took the lead in conducting special research and holding foreign trade enterprise symposiums, facing problems and discussing measures; the foreign exchange bureau took the lead in organizing Special training on foreign exchange business; Customs speeds up the integration of customs inspection and inspection, fully realizes the “single window” customs declaration and inspection of international trade, shortens the time required for enterprise declaration and inspection, etc. by 50%, and greatly improves customs clearance efficiency; tax department further improves classified management and optimizes export The tax refund process, compressing the tax rebate time, fully mobilized the enthusiasm of enterprises to carry out foreign trade self-operated business.