Cast Silk Road, A New Glory Of Titanium - Baoji High-tech Zone Titanium And Titanium Industry Highlights The Development Of Scanning

- Dec 27, 2017-

This year, Baoji High-tech Zone in accordance with the "Silk Road Titanium Valley, Zhi Baoji" development thinking, focusing on titanium and titanium alloy key areas of technology to accelerate and accelerate the construction of innovative platforms and expand the application of titanium materials; to further expand the "Baoji • China Titanium Valley "Brand influence, enhance service industry development capability, and continuously enhance the strong momentum of industrial development, to create one hundred billion titanium industry cluster goals.


4500-meter manned submersible titanium alloy manned ballroom, Temple series of space laboratories and large C919 made in China and other "Made in China", so that people proud. And these "made in China" and titanium-related materials, technology, are from "Baoji • China Titanium Valley." To make "Baoji • China Titanium Valley" brand reputation at home and abroad, the high-tech zones look global, hold titanium industry exposition, promotion, expand brand influence and attract more enterprises to help boost the development of titanium industry in our city.
April 25 this year, "Baoji • China Titanium Valley" International Titanium Industry Fair opened, attracting more than 140 domestic and foreign institutions and businessmen to participate. Exhibits in the Convention and Exhibition Center are as small as milligrams of screws, up to over 10 tons of titanium ingots. From titanium sponge titanium, the basic material of titanium industry, to titanium household items such as spectacle frames, tableware and sports equipment, Titanium products into the people's horizons, but also for enterprises to provide unlimited business opportunities. During the titanium expo, high-tech zones focused on signing 35 projects with a total amount of 10.86 billion yuan, bigger and stronger for the city titanium industry has accumulated its strength.
To expand its influence in the country, but also to go abroad, well-known in the world, a. The municipal government led the high-tech zones organized by the Baoji • China Titanium Valley - Frankfurt, Germany Promotion and International Cooperation Signing Ceremony, completed the "Baoji • China Titanium Valley" brand in the country's "first show" and set up High-level exchange platform with international standards - Germany High-tech Zone Germany Liaison Office, to strengthen the communication and cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises. During the meeting, KUM Deep Sea Engineering Equipment Company, Umicore Company, Anku Co., Ltd. and other enterprises in Germany succeeded in "hand in hand" with many enterprises in our city. In the projects of deep sea exploration equipment, precious metal catalyst whole product line, high efficiency and environmental titanium air cooler On the cooperation to enhance the "Baoji • China Titanium Valley" brand in the international visibility and enhance the quality and efficiency of titanium industry in our city.