Central Environmental Protection Inspector Group: Some Districts And Districts In Baoji City Do Not Act As A Simple And Rude One Size Fits All

- Nov 30, 2018-

Central Environmental Protection Inspector Group: Some districts and districts in Baoji City do not act as a simple and rude "one size fits all"

According to the inspectors, 310 of the titanium processing enterprises in the high-tech zone of Baoji City occupy the majority of agricultural land, and there are no related procedures such as land and environmental protection. After the power cut on August 23, the high-tech zone management committee did not explain the reasons to the enterprise, and most enterprises did not know how to rectify.

The inspector believes that the Baoji City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, as the lead department for corporate governance of “disorganized pollution”, has implemented documents in the document, and the work guidance of the relevant counties and districts is not specific and in place, and after a “one size fits all” adverse effect, no remedial measures have been taken in time. Stopping, causing adverse social impacts. Although the party committee and government of Baoji City issued supporting policies in late September and generally reversed the passive situation, they have caused adverse effects in the society and brought passiveness to the local air pollution prevention and control work.

In fact, since the beginning of this year, a series of environmental protection policy documents have been referred to as “one size fits all”. The essence of their behavior is the typical formalism and bureaucracy in the field of ecological protection. It is a lazy policy, a lazy policy, a political performance, and an advanced black".

In May of this year, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued a “Working Opinion on Prohibiting Environmental Protection”, and the action plan for the comprehensive management of air pollution in autumn and winter in key areas such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas and the Plains of the Plains clearly stated that it is strictly forbidden. Stopping and “stopping and talking again” and other perfunctory measures, and resolutely avoid the simple and violent “one size fits all” behavior of using the eco-environment as an excuse for emergency shutdown and production suspension.

Li Ganjie, Minister of the Ministry of Eco-Environment, also said on many occasions that it is necessary to resolutely oppose and ban environmental protection "one size fits all", strengthen the investigation and punishment of the issue, and find out that it is a matter of inaction and chaos, and investigate and deal with it together.

Chang Jiwen, deputy director of the Research Institute of Resources and Environmental Policy of the Development Research Center of the State Council, believes that the root cause of “one size fits all” is that the relationship between environmental protection and the economy is not coordinated, and the usual inaction is not to make a temporary “one-size-fits-all” rectification. "The pot" is not conducive to local economic development. It is necessary to establish a list of local government powers to prevent chaos, and at the same time publicly prohibit the “one size fits all” measures and assess accountability standards.