China's Export Of Titanium Materials Faces 25% Of US Import Tariffs

- Aug 03, 2018-

China's export of titanium materials faces 25% of US import tariffs

On July 10, the United States announced that it plans to impose a 10% tariff list on about 200 billion US dollars of Chinese products. Yesterday, the United States increased the tariff by 10% to 25%. This also indicates that the Sino-US "trade" war will be upgraded again, although The $200 billion commodity taxation plan will not be implemented until the end of August, but will have a significant impact on existing customers and potential markets. In the past few months, the RMB exchange rate has dropped by about 10%, but the 25% tariff has completely smoothed the advantages brought by the exchange rate.

In 2017, China's exports to the United States were 45,000 tons of titanium dioxide and 0.16 million tons of titanium. Compared with 2017, China has produced more than 2.8 million tons of titanium dioxide and 55,000 tons of various types of titanium. From this point of view, titanium dioxide and titanium have little dependence on the US market, 1.6% and 2.9% respectively. . However, for the amount of 0.16 million tons for China's annual export of only 10,000 tons, there are 16%. These titanium materials are equivalent to the export volume of dozens of titanium exporters for one year. Without the US market, can we find other parts of Europe? Europe is the largest economy in China's titanium exports. This is the case. You don't do it. The Japanese have already become the first. The EU and Japan have just reached a free trade agreement on July 15. Titanium is zero-tariff, Japan is also a traditional titanium processing power, and China needs 11% to export to Europe. Import tariffs, the European market is also facing strong competition from Japan. The situation is not very good! China's titanium exports and cherish!

A total of 11 titanium industry related products are included in the US list.

2614.00.30 artificial rutile

2614.00.60 Titanium ore and titanium concentrate, in addition to synthetic rutile

2620.99.50 Titanium slag, titanium slag products containing more than 40% titanium

2823.00.00 titanium dioxide

2827.39.30 titanium tetrachloride

2850.00.07 Titanium hydride, titanium nitride, titanium silicide, etc.

3206.19.00 Pigments and coatings containing more than 80% titanium

7202.91.00 titanium alloy, titanium silicon alloy

8108.20.00 titanium semi-finished product, titanium powder

8108.30.00 Forged titanium products

8108.90.00 Titanium-containing products, others