China Titanium Valley Accelerates Green Transformation

- Oct 24, 2018-

China Titanium Valley accelerates green transformation

Baoji is known as “China Titanium Valley”. In 2017, the supply of titanium and titanium products accounted for 60% of the country and 20% of the world. The titanium industry is the most advantageous characteristic industry of Baoji, and it is also one of the two 100 billion industrial clusters that Baoji City has built. In recent years, in the fields of high-end application manufacturing and deep processing of titanium and titanium alloy industry, Baoji City has continuously sought breakthroughs in green transformation. The high level of output of titanium products and participation in global division of labor and cooperation have become a new trend.

Early layout can preemptively

The collection of titanium enterprises in Baoji High-tech Zone. In the context of the global technological revolution and industrial transformation, the requirements for industrial transformation and upgrading are urgent, and enterprises that are stagnating in the low-end field or even "slow speed" will be eliminated. And those companies that make early adjustments to the layout have opened up new development models.

In recent years, Baoji High-tech Zone has taken various measures to encourage enterprises to increase research and development of new products, expand the application range of titanium and titanium alloys, and move toward high-end fields and people's living areas.

Baoji Eura Chemical Equipment Factory is the earliest enterprise involved in the production of titanium alloy bicycle frames and accessories. On September 26, Lei Xiaojun, the person in charge of the company, said that in the past, the production of titanium alloy bicycles was mainly in Europe and the United States, and the price of a low-end titanium alloy bicycle was more than 10,000 yuan. Therefore, letting domestic consumers buy bicycles with high cost performance has always been the main direction of the enterprise. Since more than 20 years ago, the company has started to introduce technology and talents in various aspects such as material selection, machining, welding and surface treatment. It relies on the Baosteel Group's high-quality raw material processing base, coupled with the company's own product processing strength, in the material optimization, process improvement, forging the ability to move toward precision manufacturing. At present, this company has become the largest manufacturer of titanium alloy bicycle frames in China and has begun to enter the production of rotorcraft. The world's first titanium alloy rotorcraft skeleton is produced by Baoji Eura Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Plant.

The industry pays attention to the accumulation of technology, and it has never been easy to say. Titanium enterprises are rampant in the low-end field, have high energy consumption, have a great impact on the environment, and have no competitive advantage. Companies that have begun to adjust their layouts early, from equipment upgrades to talent introduction and technological innovations, continue to gain new production experience in the exploration, and thus become more mature. Baoji Yixin Titanium Co., Ltd. has cooperated with TOT AL, a Fortune 500 company, since 2012 to supply seals for deep sea drilling. The company has refined the quality from more than 10 links such as smelting, cutting and polishing, and carried out all-round technical transformation, finally reaching the stringent requirements of customers, and the company has stepped into the fast lane of development.

High quality development after "pain"

To sing the "green development song", both "low frequency" consumption of resources and "high frequency" technology superposition, only to be willing to invest, and received "pain", can achieve the transformation of the way of life. Baoji Boxin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. dismantled the coal-fired boilers, eliminated the old mills and furnaces that were behind, and adopted a non-polluting metal material treatment process. After this treatment, the company's energy saving reached 24%, power consumption decreased by 17%, and there was no waste water discharge.

“After spending a million yuan to transform the equipment, we have to abandon the path of grabbing the market in the low-end field and use high-quality technology to produce high value-added products.” Han Weidong, head of Baoji Boxin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. introduced nearly five Over the years, they have been exploring the development of spherical powders for 3D printed materials. Since this technology is still in the stage of technical blockade in the world, the research team has been developing from the perspectives of manufacturing equipment and smelting technology update three years ago. The trial production of photo-titanium materials has burned more than 400,000 yuan. After trial and error, the fine powder rate of the spherical powder has increased from the initial 5% to the current 70%, the production efficiency has been greatly improved, and the cost has been greatly reduced.

It is understood that more than 200 of the more than 500 titanium processing enterprises in Baoji High-tech Zone have been filed and upgraded. With the further increase in environmental protection, most enterprises will complete the upgrade this year, and the energy consumption will drop significantly.

In order to enable enterprises to achieve high-quality development after "pain", Baoji High-tech Zone has introduced more than 20 various scientific and technological service organizations, providing services such as finance, management, law, training, testing, trading, intellectual property, and transformation of results. On the one hand, the high-tech zone will introduce various talents through the implementation of the “three-plan and three-promotion” activity of “talent work” and the “Titanium Talents Accumulation Program”; on the other hand, through the introduction of titanium alloy orthopedic medical implant production line and graphene research Industrial projects such as hospitals have attracted high-level talents such as Lu Bingheng and Wu Zhenzhou.

“China Titanium Valley” is undergoing a transformation from talent growth, technology accumulation to product upgrade. The person in charge of the Science and Technology Bureau of Baoji High-tech Zone said: "Insist on green sustainable development, we need to work together in all aspects. We must further optimize and enhance the business environment, let enterprises take the initiative to make decisions, deepen the main business, increase investment in innovation and technology, and realize Higher quality development."