Do Not Let The Individual Phenomenon Affect The Market Price Of Titanium Sponge Titanium Market

- Dec 20, 2017-

Titanium: According to statistics from the General Administration of Customs, titanium dioxide imports in China amounted to 185,800 tons in October, up 42.3% over the same period of last year and down 26.41% month on month. Source of pre-import tension, only a small amount of foreign cash, prices firm, most companies to take a single argument. Titanium domestic first cut prices, affecting the international market prices, imported titanium began to follow up.

Titanium Dioxide: This week, international titanium dioxide giants have raised their prices. On November 24, Kono claimed that since January 1, 2018, the price of titanium dioxide (titanium dioxide) products has been raised. In Asia, it has risen by 125 US dollars / tonne , Australia rose 165 Australian dollars / ton. Comme announced on November 27 that its price will increase by USD150 / t for all specifications purchased from China and USD200 / t for R-350 and TS-6300 as of January 1, 2018. Domestic titanium dioxide prices continued downturn, may be under the influence of the international price of titanium dioxide gradually stabilized, the latter part of domestic titanium dioxide or will run smoothly. As of December 1, most of the domestic sulfuric acid rutile and anatase titanium dioxide mainstream price of 16,000 yuan to 17,500 yuan / ton and 13,500 yuan to 14,800 yuan / ton.

Titanium slag: titanium slag market stability, 90% high titanium slag 6400 yuan / ton.

Titanium sponge: This week, the market price of sponge titanium no change, there are individual orders below 50,000 yuan mark, for this price, titanium sponge business that helplessness, although the lack of market demand, but not to "cabbage price" sale, Some companies said they are concerned about the future market development. As of now, large companies still offer electricity by way of quotations. According to industry sources, "While selling titanium sponge at a low price by individual companies is disrupting market order, it will not affect the overall performance and will return to a reasonable range sooner or later."

Titanium: This week, titanium prices stable. Currently the market demand for high-end titanium strong, recently, the Central Television continued coverage of the "10,000-meter manned deep sea full coverage of Chinese-made" Titanium "powerful." Program, Baotitan Group independently developed 4500 meters deep submersible titanium manned ballroom unveiled, aroused widespread concern. At the same time, China has made significant progress in the deep-sea submersibles. After completing the stamping of the manned dome completed last month, the core component of the 10,000-meter submersible under independent research and development has recently completed the work of opening and closing the observation windows . According to industry sources, as a national strategic equipment manufacturing in the selection will have higher requirements, higher strength titanium alloy. It is estimated that the demand for high-end titanium materials will continue to grow in the future. To December 1, Titanium ingot 60,000 ~ 65,000 yuan / ton, titanium plate 85,000 ~ 105,000 yuan / ton, titanium tube 115,000 ~ 130,000 yuan.