Don't Misjudge Environmentalism In The Titanium Sponge Market

- Dec 08, 2018-

Don't misjudge "environmentalism" in the titanium sponge market

Some people say that the environmental storm will affect the titanium market, especially the Baoji environmental storm. This is not the case. We are not in favor of environmental protection "one size fits all", but environmental protection is also feasible for some titanium companies not to focus on the low-cost and disorderly competition. The environmental protection storm Baoji outstanding enterprises stood out and the market was not affected. This year, the market price of titanium sponge has not declined rapidly, not only the raw material promotion, but the downstream demand growth.

Baoji has indeed closed many enterprises, but there are also some companies that have a certain scale and master the core technology in the segmentation field. Not only have they not been affected by environmental protection, but orders have soared. Environmental protection is a combing, and it is once again respect for technology and respect for the environment. At present, there are only four or five hundred enterprises in Baoji, and only 60 companies are in production (demarcation of 20 million yuan).

In fact, as long as the market demand is in place, environmental protection will not be "one size fits all" with a scientific attitude, but it will be "cut a knife" and the industry will not suffer losses. It will only promote the strength of the industry to transform and develop. This is also a survival of the fittest. This time, I went to Baoji and learned that some of the salesmen who were completely out of compliance with the environmental protection have already switched to selling houses.

Here, I need to clarify my point of view. Environmental protection should not be "one size fits all", but we can "cut a knife" to eliminate those enterprises that do not pay attention to environmental protection, so that enterprises that value environmental protection can live better and go further. The product has a real market price space. Environmental protection does not affect the demand for titanium sponge, but only the price of titanium sponge. In a sense, this is a respect for resources.