Global Titanium Raw Materials Market Situation

- Jan 17, 2018-

With the expanding titanium market in the civil aviation industry and the military aviation industry, the medium-speed growth in the industrial and consumer markets, and the increasing demand for titanium sponge and titanium scrap, the resources, usability and future prospects of these raw materials have become the focus of attention . The ultimate source of titanium is the various oxides containing titanium, which are widely distributed around the world, but differ greatly in quality.

The eastern province of North America is a superb titanium province with large reserves of economic resources, other regions also have titanium resources, but not extensive enough to exploit it economically. Researchers have found that North American continental shelf on the east coast has high titanium mineral reserves.

Kroll and HunterProcess have been the major production process technologies in the history of titanium production, and the production of sponge titanium by these two technologies reached its peak of production in 1980 and then declined sharply due to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Over the past two decades, at least Six sponge titanium producers withdraw from sponge titanium production. At present, only seven sponge titanium producers produce 86,000 tons / year of sponge titanium products. Due to the instability of the titanium sponge market and the unstable titanium market, the new sponge titanium capacity of the production plant will not be guaranteed.


The production status of titanium oxide and titanium sponge in the former Soviet republics is: Ukraine is the major resource country for ilmenite of sponge titanium with a total output of 420,000 tons, ilmenite concentrate from Irkutsk and Wall Noogorsk factory shipped, while the ilmenite from Kazakhstan Shakash and Sattpartayev won the 2004 Ukrainian sponge titanium total production of more than 7,000 tons in 2005 is expected to reach 7,500 tons in 2004 in Kazakhstan Titanium sponge production is expected to reach 16,500 tons and reach 19,000 tons in 2005, making the country a major supplier of titanium raw materials to an uncontrolled world market.


Russia's AVISMA company is VSMPO branch, currently running at full capacity of 26,000 tons / year of titanium sponge, there is still an expansion of capacity 2000 tons / year project under construction, the company considered further investment in expansion and transformation. Of these, 40% of AVISMA's titanium sponge is used by VSMPO to develop high value-added products.
According to relevant data, the utilization rate of sponge titanium in other factories in the world in 2004 was 65%. The market and demand of the global titanium industry are stronger. The tight supply of titanium scrap and sponge titanium has resulted in rapid and drastic price increases of titanium raw materials. Therefore, Additional investment in capacity is needed, and the best positioning to invest in low-cost titanium raw materials countries will be well rewarded.
China sponge titanium production in 2003 increased 23.6%, more than 4,000 tons, more than 4,000 tons in 2004. It is planned that China's titanium sponge will reach 11,000 tons in 2006 and 18,000 tons in 2010, making it one of the suppliers of titanium raw materials.
Titanium sponge Another supply market is for the steel industry additives. This market has been stable for the past 10 years. Titanium is used to reduce hydrogen, oxygen and carbon in molten steel. At present, 50% of the titanium ingot is used in the steel industry. It is worrying that as the output of the steel industry accelerates, the supply of titanium will be further tightened.