GR1 Titanium Ingot Smelting Completed

- Oct 31, 2018-

GR1 titanium ingot smelting completed

Recently, our company  smelted a batch of 1.5 tons of titanium ingots for the production of a  batch of high-purity titanium targets. As we know, a titanium ingot is processed into a titanium target. We need to forge the titanium ingot into a titanium rod that is slightly larger than the target. The titanium rod is then cut and turned into the titanium target we see now.
    Our titanium ingot production uses vacuum consumable smelting and is smelted twice. Vacuum  self-consumption smelting refers to the use of molten material as an  electrode under vacuum, and the water-cooled copper is reinforced into  another electrode. The arc is induced between the two poles, and the  molten material is melted by the arc at a high temperature to drip into  the enthalpy, gradually melted, and gradually condensed. Smelting method for forming a spindle
    The  modern vacuum consumable electric arc furnace has been computer  controlled and can be smelted according to a predetermined procedure. In  the smelting, attention should be paid to the control of the arc length  to ensure the stability of the smelting process, and the final capping  process is optimized to reduce the shrinkage cavities.