High-end Titanium Leads The High-end Equipment Market

- Oct 15, 2018-

High-end titanium leads the high-end equipment market

Titanium is an important material for high-end equipment manufacturing and has a high strategic position in national defense and economic construction. As a popular exhibition in the titanium industry at home and abroad, the 11th China (Beijing) International Titanium Industry Exhibition hosted by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Titanium Zirconium Branch and Beijing Haiwen Exhibition Co., Ltd. will be held on September 17th. On the 19th, it was held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing. In the same period, the third Sino-foreign titanium market development and product application seminar was held.

The reporter learned that in the second half of the year, the demand for titanium materials will continue to be dominated by aerospace, medical, and electric power, and demand in other areas will fall. In such a market structure, the market price will show a trend of range volatility. Under the guidance of the “Belt and Road” construction and military-civilian integration policy next year, the domestic titanium market will gradually fall out of the trough, and market demand will also shift to high-end titanium applications.

“Titanium” and “Titanium Valley” both appeared

“Vanadium and Titanium Capital” and “China Titanium Valley” both appeared in this exhibition, which became a scene of the scene.

Panxi is one of the most concentrated areas of mineral resources in China and the world. It contains nearly 10 billion tons of vanadium-titanium ferromagnetic resources. Panzhihua, which is located in the region, is known as the “vanadium-titanium capital” in China. Panzhihua Group has developed a large-scale vanadium-titanium steel enterprise relying on the abundant resources of the Panxi area. At the exhibition, many of its subsidiaries, such as Chengdu Titanium Materials Co., Ltd. and Vanadium Titanium Resources Co., Ltd., have exhibited from titanium ore to sponge titanium. The entire industrial chain of metal titanium processing.

Due to the development of the titanium industry, Baoji is known as the “China Titanium Valley”. Baoti Group has exhibited a full range of titanium processing materials, including smelting systems, strip and strip systems, and rod and wire systems, covering aerospace, medical titanium, and titanium for construction. The staff told reporters that more than 80% of the titanium and titanium alloy materials used in China's aerospace industry are provided by Titanium Group, which can be seen in the "Shenzhou" series spacecraft, the "嫦娥" lunar exploration project, missiles, launch vehicles and other projects. To the figure of Titanium.

Lei Tiqi, general manager of Baoti Group, said that in the field of titanium applications, in addition to the metallurgical industry, the use of titanium in China in major applications in 2017 has increased to varying degrees, especially in aerospace, marine, power and marine. In the high-end fields such as engineering, the trend of 2016 has continued, and there has been a certain increase. In terms of total volume, the ship sector has the largest growth rate (1,106 tons), followed by electricity (952 tons), sports and leisure (682 tons) and aerospace (567 tons), which reflects China's industrial development direction, and The development trend of China's titanium processing materials in the high-end field; and the emergence of the ship sector, indicating that the demand for titanium processing materials in China has begun to increase, but the need to further improve the development of standards and material systems.

Titanium prices will fluctuate

For the development of the titanium industry, there are data showing that in 2017, China's domestic sales volume was 74,668 tons, an increase of 9.3%; the total sales volume of China's titanium materials was 55,130 tons, the net export volume was 8,385 tons, and the domestic sales volume was 46,745. Tonne, an increase of 28.4%.

At the seminar, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Gan Yong pointed out that in the current global titanium market, the United States and Russia are mainly based on the aerospace industry, and their output accounts for more than 70%; while China and Japan are basically civilian (general industry). Mainly, chemical industry, etc., its output accounts for more than 50%. In terms of import and export trade, the import volume of titanium sponge increased significantly (3182 tons) in 2016, while the export volume continued the trend of the previous year and there was a sharp contraction (-50.4%).

Gan Yong said that through the analysis of domestic titanium import and export in 2016, it can be seen that the quality of sponge titanium and titanium welded pipes in domestic high-end demand is still far from that of foreign countries, and through the production practice in recent years, domestic production The company has gradually occupied a place in the international market in terms of the quality and price of titanium belt, titanium wire and titanium plate larger than 0.8mm. He believes that the price of titanium has severely restricted its application. How to effectively reduce costs and expand applications is an important direction for the development and production of titanium alloys.

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