Jiugang Has Become The Largest Full-process Titanium Coil Processing Enterprise In China

- Nov 12, 2018-

Jiugang has become the largest full-process titanium coil processing enterprise in China

Since the  beginning of this year, Jiugang Stainless Steel has produced 5,200 tons  of rolled titanium coils, which is 600 tons higher than last year's  output. The number of contracted manufacturers reached 27, becoming the  largest full-process titanium coil processing enterprise in China.

Titanium  coil is a high-end material for making high-precision equipment. Users  have different requirements for size, thickness, weight, tolerance,  finished product width, edge state, packaging, etc. The thinner the  thickness, the better the user's needs can be met. However, the thinner the thickness, the higher the processing cost and processing difficulty. Therefore,  the national titanium coil processing volume is very few. In 2017, the  national titanium coil production was only 20,000 tons, while the  Jiugang Group reached 4,600 tons, accounting for 23%.

Jiugang  Stainless Steel Factory has been involved in the field of titanium coil  processing since 2007. After 11 years of experience, titanium  processing technology has gradually stabilized and the quality has been  continuously improved. The processing volume has also increased from the  initial 100 tons per year to the current several thousand tons. This  year, the company's stainless steel titanium coil processing volume is  expected to reach 6,200 tons, accounting for 31% of the domestic  titanium coil processing market.