Long Yuli Invested 2 Billion Yuan To Build A Project

- Feb 28, 2019-

Long Yuli invested 2 billion yuan to build a project

The investment unit of the project construction is Longli, and the construction unit is its subsidiary Longjing Mining and Metallurgy. The construction site is Yanbian Vanadium and Titanium Industry Development Zone, and the planned investment scale is 2 billion yuan. After the project is completed, it can produce 300,000 tons of titanium chloride slag per year for the production of chlorinated titanium dioxide and titanium sponge.

Long Yuli said that the new project is mainly to greatly enhance the utilization value of titanium concentrate in Panxi area, obtain the advantage of titanium chloride slag which meets the production of titanium dioxide in chlorination process, and break the long-term high quality titanium chloride in China. The disadvantage of slag dependence on imports.

At present, China's titanium white industry is dominated by sulfuric acid. Fu Yijiang, deputy secretary-general of the Titanium Dioxide Branch of China Coatings Industry Association, told the Daily Economic News that the current domestic titanium dioxide is mainly based on sulfuric acid, accounting for more than 90%, while the proportion of chlorination is relatively small. It is still in its infancy, while the foreign chlorination method accounts for up to 80%.

On May 29 last year, Long Yuli signed a framework agreement with the Panzhihua People's Government. The company plans to invest 5 billion yuan in the next five years, focusing on the chlorinated titanium dioxide industry chain, implementing technology in phases and in batches. Innovation and industrialization projects.

“This new project is also a progress of the above plan. The site is located in Yanbian. The main reason is that our subsidiary Longyan Mining and Metallurgy also has ilmenite mines there, so it can be digested on the spot.” Long Yuli said. . It said that the agreement signed last year included the comprehensive utilization of vanadium ferrotitanium resources. Titanium is rich in ferrotitanium resources. The company is now using the technical advantages of chlorinated titanium dioxide to separate ilmenite from ilmenite.

The Panxi region is rich in titanium resources. The data shows that in 2017, the vanadium and titanium industry in Panzhihua City has the highest capacity and output of vanadium products in the country. The titanium industry achieved an output value of 13.218 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of nearly 70%. The output of titanium concentrate, titanium dioxide, titanium sponge and other products reached a record high.