Market Analysis Of Titanium Dioxide And Sponge Titanium

- Feb 25, 2019-

Market Analysis of Titanium Dioxide and Sponge Titanium

Titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide market ushered in price hikes, the market transaction price has risen steadily, some prices are still implementing old orders, the current domestic rutile titanium dioxide containing tax ex-factory price is 15300-17000 yuan / ton, anatase titanium dioxide including tax The ex-factory price is 13200-14000 yuan / ton. According to the statistics of Tu Duoduo, China's titanium dioxide production in January 2019 fell by 9.39% year-on-year, down 9.36% from the previous month. There is no inventory pressure in the factory; the price of titanium dioxide in the previous period has fallen, the enterprises have received more orders, the stocks of enterprises are low, the cost of raw materials such as titanium ore and environmental protection are relatively high. The recent temperature is warming up, the downstream demand is increasing, and the price of titanium dioxide will be stable. .

Sponge titanium

The price of sponge titanium market manufacturers is stable. At present, the mainstream price of grade 0 sponge titanium is 6.7-6.8 million yuan/ton. The market price keeps rising, the sponge titanium order has slowed down, and the new single pressure is relatively high. Recently, the supply of raw materials has eased, and the price of titanium sponge will run smoothly.

The market outlook: 1. The price of the mine is high, and the price of concentrate will be stable. 2. High titanium slag is supported by cost, and the price is stable. 3. The supply of titanium tetrachloride during the Spring Festival is reduced, and the price will be stable in the near future. 4. The high price of sponge titanium is high, and as the downstream demand increases, the price will stabilize in the later period. 5. With the recovery of titanium dioxide downstream, the price of titanium dioxide will rise steadily.