Overview Of The Titanium Ore Market In November

- Dec 11, 2018-

Overview of the titanium ore market in November

The price of titanium ore in this month is basically stable, the market has no market price, 38 or more mines do not include tax 780-820 yuan / ton, 46, 10 mines do not include tax quotation 1170-1200 yuan / ton, 47, 20 mines Including tax price of 1250-1300 yuan / ton; in November by the central environmental protection inspectors look back and Panzhihua evaluation of the national health city, Panzhihua area small and medium-sized titanium mines stopped production, the market started to maintain low; miners supply tight, coupled with environmental protection Strict investigation, some miners delayed delivery time, due to the downturn in the downstream market, and more inventories, the market price remained stable; this month, the price of iron concentrates rose, affected by this, the titanium mine started or has an upswing, with environmental protection At the end of the investigation, the recovery of titanium ore started, coupled with the decline in the price of titanium dioxide downstream, the price of titanium ore will be weak.

Imported titanium ore market price is stable, Kenya titanium mine offer 165 US dollars / ton, Mozambique titanium mine cif price 190 US dollars / ton, Indian titanium mine cif price 240 US dollars / ton, Vietnam mine fob offer 180 US dollars / ton. Titanium raw materials in international chlorination method are tight, manufacturers offer strong, domestic downstream demand is weak, the mining price is suppressed, the market is stagnant, and the titanium dioxide market is weak recently. It is expected that the price of imported titanium ore will be stable and weak.