Research Progress Of Titanium-aluminum Alloy Sputter Coating Target

- Nov 27, 2018-

Research progress of titanium-aluminum alloy sputter coating target

With  the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the surface  coating technology of materials has gradually transitioned from vacuum  plating and electroless plating techniques to vacuum sputtering coating  technology. Vacuum  magnetron sputtering coating technology has been widely used in metal  decorative coatings, surface protective coatings, electronic product  coatings, electromagnetic shielding coatings, and automotive and  architectural glass coatings. Therefore, the demand for related coating targets in this field is also extremely urgent.

 Titanium-aluminum  alloy is an alloy sputtering target for vacuum coating. In the  preparation, titanium-aluminum alloy target with different  characteristics can be obtained by blending titanium and aluminum. Titanium-aluminum  intermetallic compound is a hard and brittle material with good wear  resistance. It is coated with a layer of titanium-aluminum intermetallic  compound on the surface of ordinary tools, which can effectively extend  the service life of the tool. If  the sputtering is carried out with nitrogen discharge arcing, a high  hardness and low friction coefficient surface film can be obtained,  which is especially suitable for the surface coating of various tools,  molds and other wearing parts, and therefore has a good application  prospect in the machining industry.

The preparation of titanium aluminum alloy targets is difficult. According  to the phase diagram of titanium-aluminum alloy, titanium and aluminum  can form a variety of metal compounds, resulting in the processing  brittleness of titanium-aluminum alloy, especially when the aluminum  content in the alloy exceeds 50% (atomic ratio), the oxidation  resistance of the alloy suddenly Reduced, severe oxidation. At  the same time, the exothermic expansion during the alloying process is  prone to bubble, shrinkage and shrinkage, resulting in high porosity of  the alloy, which cannot meet the requirements of target density.

According to the  research on the production process of titanium-aluminum alloy targets  at home and abroad, the main preparation techniques of titanium-aluminum  alloy sputtering targets include: high current heating method, hot  isostatic pressing method and hot pressing sintering method.