Sponge Titanium Market Will Remain Stable In The Short Term

- Dec 26, 2018-

Sponge titanium market will remain stable in the short term

In December, the domestic 0# sponge titanium price is still stable at 6.6-6.8 million yuan / ton. Some sponge titanium companies revealed to Ruidao that the number of new orders in the sponge titanium market has slightly decreased at the end of the year, but the number of orders in the enterprise is sufficient, and the market for sponge titanium will remain stable in the short term.

Ruidao learned that as the end of the year approach, some small and medium-sized titanium companies reduced the purchase of titanium sponge, which led to a decline in new orders for sponge titanium plants with small and medium-sized titanium companies as their main customer groups. The sponge titanium plant with large titanium companies as its main customers has little effect. In addition, sufficient orders in hand and insufficient supply of raw materials will also make the price of titanium sponge stable in the short term.

According to Ruidao, the number of orders for domestic sponge titanium enterprises is between one month and one and a half months. This month, some titanium tetrachloride enterprises began to stop production or due to production reasons, the domestic production of titanium tetrachloride was further reduced, and the production of titanium sponge will be restricted. Due to the lack of sufficient raw materials, some semi-process companies will focus on completing the on-hand orders and slowing down the pace of orders. As the Spring Festival earlier this year, some titanium tetrachloride enterprises that have stopped production are considering to resume production after the year, which will make the domestic supply of titanium tetrachloride before the Spring Festival will be at a low level. Affected by this, the production of titanium sponge is also difficult to effectively increase, which in turn makes the market price stable.

At present, some domestic sponge titanium production capacity plans to be put into production after the Spring Festival next year, and some enterprises plan to resume the operation of the chlorination unit after the year to increase production. If these projects can be advanced according to the planned timetable, the tight supply of titanium sponge will be significantly improved in the second half of this year.